Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Unfurling sorrow -finding anger & hate via ISIS.

"the icicle garden"
ISIS is a "flag" unfurling in the minds of those who have been inculcated with a dysfunctional operating system. Because if the Middle East was a bottom -up operation, politics would be local; there would be 'jobs.' There would be hope for a future filled with promise. But no, there are no 'jobs.' What they have are 'positions' because the Middle East is a top-down system for distributing resources. The future belongs to the ruling elites; all others will be served in their afterlife. The whole of the old Ottoman's empire is a dysfunctional prison managed by misinterpretations from its basic hermeneutics - meaning the study of the interpretations of the text -the Koran. So each prison has its own operating system which is unique to its facility. Power is distributed throughout the facility between the guards and the inmates as well as between the guard and his or her self best interest so as to advance up the "food chain." If you want to understand prison, all you have to do is look to the Middle East; its battle over good and evil; its battle between Church & State.  Observe how its power assesses its allegiances to its various interests. The Middle East is as convoluted as any prison where the resources are so unevenly distributed. The people of the Middle East have been ruled by the Western Powers ever since the end of  the Ottoman Empire; they have been betrayed by those with political power ruling as puppet regimes doing the bidding for the Western interests. The Middle East as a facility serves its members as a prison serves its inmates, with obfuscation of messages. The power elites live in their own mind's eye of what nobody can truly discern; so their beliefs are as frigid as a marriage without love, unless their marriage is of convenience, such as not being able to recant your belief because it is punishable by death. This is a future's derivative promising eternal light, walking without steps because the light is flying through your veins as your mind unfurls answers for questions not asked because the answers are not always in the #number two pencil. Yes! The Middle East is living and operating in the world of the #2pencil. These inmates are locked up in a time warp predicated upon 11th century parables. This is their "red -line;" there are exceptions: different Califs had their own followers such as the 7ers or maybe 9ers who followed the interpretations stemming from the Caliphate. Yes! By their construct of the 1100's - This is when the Shir locked up their future use of parables, no new parables will be added to the mix. Now in the Middle East, the Sunni tribe always held the governing side of the equation; Shia ruled the Koran, their holy bible. For example,  the Sunni ruled the body in this life. The life of today; the Shia ruled in the hereafter. Yes! They too have a strange urban legend where if you die in an act of sacrificing for the light on the other side, you will be given four wives to help keep you in the light. Me-too! I had a dysfunctional operating system; I ended up in prison; prison is where the inmate is radicalized. Believe me, you can trust me on this one thing -when there is no hope of redemption other than that of spewing out the beliefs of those who only 'mouth' the words while dancing with temptation reserved for their eyes only, -there will be a revolution of the masses because there is no environment of tranquility to be found within the confines of these walls which stifle one's aspirations. That is unless you are a natural born 'cock' sucker.  Life is all about working out your talents while working with others, going beyond family of origin. Yes! Life is supposed to be all about participating with the herd, not cut out and branded with a number designating life's shit is coming your way. ISIS is farming the crop of young people who are coming over to them in waves because they are escaping the prison waiting for them. Those of the Middle East are sick of being the recipient of a frontal lobotomy.  www.theblackmarket.me   

Friday, June 26, 2015

FLAG flying for prison reform.

Let us play loosely with the metaphors: Money, Flag, Power, Church & State Actors. For example, you reach into your pocket; pull out a $20 dollar bill. Now what does it represent? It has a # (number) on it; but do you own that #number? You occupy its worth with its grantor, the Government. Postulate! This is the point! You can deposit this $20 dollar bill into the bank; they will offer you choices, like twenty one dollar numbers, two ten dollar numbers, four five dollar numbers, or sometime in the future a new number for the whole value of the $20 dollar bill deposited. OK! This is a fair example of your Government, maybe. But! What about the value of the individual when it is deposited into the criminal justice system like the state of South Carolina, ETC. Now! Upon trying to get your self worth back, made whole again -it's impossible to do because you are faced with many unforeseen expenses which devalues your citizenship; therefor your 13th & 14th rights to the Constitution of the United States of America - leaving you less than able to pursue the fruits of happiness passed on to you through citizenship, its worth. Also! There is only one number; it's stenciled upon your value as the number stenciled upon the Jews in Hitler's prison system; You are F***ing dead meat.  This is an example of how Power, Church & State -rouge prosecutor. These have come into confluence to advance their share of humanity -the individual's rights under the Constitution, under one Flag -the stars and stripes.