Thursday, July 31, 2014

Does It "matter" ?

Me too! It does not "matter" to me whether you care about it or not; I'm only interested in the "matter" of whether or not you understand it- therefore willing to accept "culpability" to it. Being responsible for not paying attention to what others are saying in your name. You are "John Q. public." So I ask you: if you find yourself in a "situation" where you have to judge something in abstention, how will you deconstruct your "point of view" to be the judge? Why will you "matter" if you never payed attention to the potential causalities brought through your behavior. "Judge not, be you judged" is not an acceptable way to pass through life; however, it is an "enjoyable" way to pass through life. Because when you see how others have failed, you know that you can do better; therefore, you too commit the "sin." But, you never understood the fallacy behind believing in this "matter." What am I saying to you? This "matters" only if you care to pay attention. For example, Cecelia just left the house to walk home; she can no longer be seen. She lives about half a mile away. It starts to rain; you think it feels like it might rain; it might not really be ready to rain so does it "matter" if you jump in the car or not so that you can make sure she does not get rained on? Will she get home before it really starts to rain? Maybe she likes the rain; maybe she feels that it's an enjoyable feeling to walk in a light shower of rain; it is refreshing. So, worry not because it is not you who will feel the pleasing moment to enjoy being rained upon. Also, Cecelia is an old "broad" who knows how to take care of herself; she might be taken back with your attitude of needing to save Cecelia. You see, this is how I see it, if I can see it from my house it matters; otherwise, it may, or it may not "matter."


So they say "low-T;" well I'm not sure that is the problem. Because I personally was never aggressive, stupid yes, but not aggressive. How about you; is your state of mind something that you control, or do you like so many others just go off the deep end when someone steps out of line -in your estimation- and ruffles your feathers without them even knowing that this slip on your part has occurred? Yes! if it is your mind, it is your slip. So please pick yourself up instead of tearing someone down. When you tear someone down all you are doing is showing how shallow your mind can be and therefore, expressing the depth of your insecurity. OK, maybe it is "low-insecurity," not "low-T." Whatever it is, it could be the root to that which has been bothering your sense of self. What do I mean? Remembering you are or "could" be a product of passive acceptance from your family, friends, neighborhood and your questionable education because if you have accepted all of the unprocessed interjections from the various influences in your life it might just be time to take the "garbage" out and dump it in the trash can. Now! How wonderful you "could" feel if all you had to do was accept people at face value. Unfortunately for you, this probably would only set you up to take the next tumble off of the old "idea" that the earth was flat; if you sailed out of your comfort zone you would simply fall off and tumble over the edge of existence. Well, you know - or maybe you don't - that it is really a waste of energy to passively accept the projections that you are fielding from those who do not know that their affect is on target. Shit, give yourself a break and use the bathroom instead of storing everything in the closet of your mind. Yes! just come out of the closet and enjoy the possibilities of life in a free and unencumbered manner. Chow!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Torpedo or full steam ahead?

You need to be an "optimist" for the sake of your own "opportunities." Otherwise you are "off the table" when "life" comes around. Of course I believe this because I have never been able to get my "yesterdays" back after I squander their moments. Yes, that's right; you have to be willing to participate in the game of life or sit on the side lines and grow old. Life is rather like the theater - to get the best experience, you need to "suspend your disbelief" so that your creativity has a chance to find its potential expression. One of the greatest obstacles that you need to address is your ability to attract positive influences in your life. Because negativity will destroy creativity if you do not do due diligence. Yes, it is the negative force which is brought on by others because of jealousy from within your family of influence, or the competitive forces from the "grinding out of life," the meat grinder of competition. Also, you cannot take "competition" as a negative force because life cannot wait for you to make up your mind. Life is evolving at its pace; it is your responsibility to take the needed action so as to give your input traction; otherwise, life will spit you out like an inspector pulls a rejected item from the assembly line. Opportunity is not some thing which occurs in some vacuum of your making. Opportunity is the gas which comes from life's mulching process. You could say that it is life's action, meaning your commitment to being in this world, not the world of those who profess that life's meaning comes to you as a product of how well you detach your earthly life from some fantasy beyond the universe, heaven. Finally, if you are not in this world, the world of the living, please stop complaining about your lot in life. OK! There is an expression floating around which goes something like this, "you are with m' or against me" Yes, there is also "shit or get of the pot" because passing gas while you wait to do your "business" is just another way of expressing how well you have mastered the "speak" of procrastination.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Asking "forgiveness".

I do a post daily so I do not want someone to misunderstand my position; I'm not talking about spirituality, your belief system. I'm happy that you have one; I wish I had one. Anyway, I like very broad latitudes when playing "metaphor" with the symbol of the church. If you could say universal church, you could "metaphor" the catholic church, catholic means universal. And the best part of that you can bring up Rome, remembering Emperor Constantine creating the Papal State, your bible. From my point of view, you need "confession" because you sin daily without remorse if you are as like your neighbor. Worry not, every neighborhood has its own unique sins. The beauty of a sin is that it can be a "big" sin or a "little" sin; confession is good for the soul, speak up in this "space" for your forgiveness.  I'll always love the Papal Bulls being sold during the reformation because they allowed you immunity from sin, therefore the law. Remember the Reformation's Renaissance was a  battle between the powers, Germany and Rome's papal state. Those papal bulls were selling like "hot cakes" in Germany; Frederick was unhappy. And you know the rest of the story, Protestantism. So, the church is just a metaphor for the "second" son. The first son got the land; the second son got the church. It was a way of dividing up the family assets: second son collected the people's faith tax at a 1/10 %; it was the usual church tax. The first son got all the tangibles, titles.  It's is the story of the Middle East today with all its complexities; for when Mohammad died, you were a Sunni if you were from Mohammad tribe; if you were a disciple of Mohammad you were a Shia, like the second son, you get the church.  Every population has its church, it's the "stomach" of opportunity. Its stewardship is couched in the business "community" and its special interest groups, "the elites come marching in." I like the stomach as a metaphor because your "stomach" is your body's brain. Yes! It's is true, "all politics is local.
Thanking you in advance.


When you do a certain action over time, you become immune to that action. It's familiar, second nature. Therefore, if you are not careful, when you move into a new situation your familiar action could lead to unwanted consequences because you did not take into consideration the effect of your action on the peripheral terrain. Remember what Machiavelli said about your adversary's terrain: "...know it intimately before you attack...." Each time you interact with the public is an opportunity for growth, person to person. These first moments can be critical if you are wishing for a "win win situation." You want to follow the lead not the leader, listen to the "idea" fully before considering a "decision." Because if a decision means that you are cutting yourself off, if you are closed to the "idea," before you gave it a chance it will be like the dominoes falling after the first one falls unfurling its action from beginning to end, continuous; this is the same as on the hill lock of a cell, the lock holds until put into action from hill lock to hill lock until completion. But instead, you "could" nurture patience with others so that you can attain understanding. This understanding will give you a more meaningful experience when you engage with people. It could be an "opening on emotion" tethered to a "closing on silence" giving you a balanced sense of worth. You "could" think about it as being "harvested," so that you "could" be consumed; of course that "should" be the object of the exercise. Also, think Commerce where you are the "widget" out and about looking for your market share. As you know, you need to make yourself available for the "hook-up;" how else is there a coupling?

Sunday, July 27, 2014


I am what I am because I never knew myself; so, now who am I?  I'm the empty space between the place that I wish I had visited, the way that I was not nurtured. So, what am I saying? I'm saying that I did not understand that I was responsible for whom I would become because I was too busy with life's business - meaning life can come at you without deference to your needs, a place setting for you at life's table. You cannot guide yourself if you do not understand that the space you are occupying at the moment is in conflict with, or in confluence with forces outside of your control. In my case, due to errant socialization which lacked positive exposure to the meaning of personal participation, I did not know that I was doing an injustice to myself. For I never knew that there was a meaning to life other than to survive- however life's "Helter Skelter" was streaming in my direction - like I supposed a skier might run into a mogul patch made up from those who previously traversed the trail's slope. The caveat to it is that in life someone else is always trying to deliberately create the mogul patch where, on the sky slope, the mogul is groomed to allow you the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of recreation - wherein life moguls are designed to trap you and contain you so that you will conform to someone else's sense of exhilaration. Maybe you can think about it as if you were here as a slave to someone's sense of right verses wrong without a road map giving you directions to their promised land. For example, when I was young I could not join the Boy's Club because I was a Catholic, not protestant. If I wanted to join some thing it had to be the Catholic understanding of socialization -C.Y.O. Catholic Youth Organization. To me, this was a crock of "shit" because there was no love in my family; the only love on the street was the love of money and the driving force to attain what it could buy - material things, booze and sex. Please, I should say that my exposure to life was a "farce" driven by the inadequate sense of self. If we go back in time to when I was growing up,  Black guys were going to jail for being "entrepreneurial" about marijuana; yet today, the political elites want to get entrepreneurial with the "marketing" of marijuana. What a different life's experience those black entrepreneurial marijuana "marketing" business men "could have enjoyed," Yes!  How about if we never outlawed marijuana "ganja" like we outlawed alcohol - do you think that the young people who were imprisoned for their attempt at free market capitalism would have had a different experience than being "cum dumps" in some southern style concentration camp run by the religious right.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Shit" happens!

When I was attending the college of Charleston, I was living on Bennett St., one block from a small park blessed with the remains of one of Charleston's old libraries, with just the columns remaining to mark its time and place. 22 Bennett St. was an old boarding house with about 11rooms which could be combined to create rental situations, whatever I chose to do with it, to accommodate whoever came my way. I did not know that I was running an illegal boarding house until I took over the ownership of the business- the Vicky Lynn House, was going to be its name. You see, everything I did was wrong because I was doing it. Yes! I was the felon who could be "fucked" by the citizens of Charleston, SC. -fucked over by whoever chose to because it suited the moral decay of SC and their citizens. Believe me or not, it is your privilege to believe what you wish; but when you give the power to someone who is weak, as the judiciary is weak, you are giving the power to the forces of evil which someday is going to come back and bite you on your ass. Anyway, I was living right around the corner from the Ronald MacDonald house on Gadsden St. It is a place for temporary living to assist cancer survivors. A beautiful neighborhood to go crazy in; this is where, after 5years of torment, I attempted to commit suicide. Why? I was under a 5 year mandated mental health program that drove me to try to kill myself. Yes! The state of SC said that I needed to be reprogrammed back into society. I was to seek redemption; confess for my sins against humanity; the only problem was that I never committed the sin that I was being charged with. I would tell the therapist my "side" of the story; they said that I had to be delusional because the jury found me guilty; there was never any evidence presented to the jury other than that the "rogue" prosecutor screaming to the jury, "he is a "time share" salesman, what chance did she have". Yes! because, at one time in my life, I sold some time shares I was incapable of telling the truth; I was not human; therefore I had to be guilty. So, a "rogue jury and judge" sentenced me to be molested by the hands of the perverted souls behind bars. Plus, when I got out of jail the state of SC put a target on my back when they listed me as a child rapist. Yes! You can look me up, find out exactly where I live, so that if you are one of the demented souls from the community this is where your target is. It is the same in prison as it is out in the community, if you have to fuck and rape some poor son of a bitch this is who we recommend, signed SC. I know, we all have a tale of woe.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Dressing for success is a truism; it is also true, that just because you are dressed does not mean that you are ready for it. When your dress is appropriate: You are appropriately dressed for the occasion - well then you are ready for success. It is being a member of the whole;what counts is participating as an equal member; if this is dissolved for false cause, the constitution needs to be called in to facilitate justice under the law, not under the church. Now, as for myself, I was never ready for success; but I was ready for the lessons that I learned from my failures. Yes, there were many failures throughout my whole entrepreneurial life style. But I was not a failure before I was drafted in the arms service, serving four years in the Air Force -1964/68. For example, I was the personal assistant to Norman W. Farley when I was drafted. I was responsible for adjusting his financial ledger on a daily basis.  Norman owned the Meadow's Night Club just west of Boston. He ran all of his businesses from his suite of offices out of the upstairs on the top level. He called me "brain child" because I could slice and dice is "books" but had a hard time grasping his office protocol, I let the different departments run over me, like Jack the night bar tender. The ladies all love him, he could do no wrong. I was also attending Bentley College majoring in accounting. I never finished because I got drafted.  Before Bentley I lived on Beacon Hill in Boston and majored in Philosophy at Suffolk U.  and malingered in the combat zone. From Boston's red light district you could be with some of the best jazz to jazz to those "titty" bar -on every corner: elucidating the soul of any willing player who wishes to be fleeced. You will be smiling during the whole ordeal of being pleasured, Boston style. In the "zone" it is said to be undressed is ready for success. Yes, the city guys were legal, the ones that could drink legally because they were over 21; I was not, so I was illegal, underage drinking. Some of them dressed in suits and ties. Sometimes I would hustle them on the pool table because I knew that they thought that I was a kid over his head; it never hurts to let someone think that they are in control because it is the best way to get them to do what you want. Work their "ego" and it will feed you because they were "suits." The young and old guard in Boston drinking from the same trough all dressed appropriately for their working world's agenda, from "suits" to construction worker all elbowing up to the same bar rail ogling the "strippers" stripping. Yes! I knew that I wanted to be a "suit" but I was still in high school selling shoes to the women who came into the shoe department that I was working in when I worked the Boston show room for Sheff Shoe Company.    

It's Mickey...M. O. U. S. E.

If you, as an individual, cannot be protected from the forces of
"evil," what other alternative do you have other than the court of public opinion? Right! Public opinion is too fickle to be counted on unless it is backed up by some good media "hype. "Now I'm not "good" media hype, so therefore, the fickle public has not formed any type of umbrella to protect my constitutional rights. There is the 14th amendment to the constitution which requires equality; all are equal under the law. This is not a true statement in my particular case, unless you are rooting for corruption across all domains without any rein on its range of culpability.
If you "could" accept the fact that people are corruptible- yes, maybe some are not corruptible on that which is critical to their belief system; but that does not mean that they hold your "self worth" to the same esteem as their own "self worth." For example, in the Middle East the organization Hamas, which controls Gaza, is using the people to protect the "military" resistance instead of the military protecting its "citizens." Shooting rockets from within the "civilian" population toward Israel, they refuse to allow their "citizens" to leave the war zone for safety. They do this because the men and women of Hamas are needed in this life whereas the civilian casualty will be rewarded in the next life for their death -if you buy that shit. Hamas needs their citizens to "die" to honor their cause; their need for war is exactly what they want because it gives them power over you- fickle and evil in its depth like the roots from the shrubs and trees holding the land back when the storm brings the rains. If you got rid of Hamas tomorrow the Palestinian authority would regain its credibility so that the people of Palestine could come to some sort of agreement which could allow time to defuse the situation which is holding Hamas strong. Yes, the root of the problem in the immediate future is Hamas because it does not recognize any border which is not Islam. Israel was a poorly thought out idea even if it had good intentions when it was formed out of the end of WWII. But it was always the failure of those who were in power of the Palestinian's destiny to settle the situation when they could. The cloud of Arafat is the cloud of the Middle East because it wants what it cannot have. Another way of looking at is through the eyes of Putin trying to regain the old territory of the USSR to Hamas trying to recapture the glory of the Ottomans. So, when you are the "individual," just a "fucking" pinon like me, or one of the "citizens" dying for the cause, be it Islam or democracy, the judiciary should not be clouded because "fair play" is critical. in South Carolina, for example, "fair play" is corrupted by the judiciary's evil cloud as Arafat clouds Hamas; it is corrupting the individual's right to equality under the law in favor of those who have power and prestige.           

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Can the "fat" lady sing?

The little lady who wants to repent just might have bitten of more than she can chew; why, because it has to do with life style; as you know, once yesterday slips by all its potential is gone. So, when you are in the "day" respect its potential affect upon your life; the life of humanity as well. Please reflect on the word, the word TIME reflecting back its essence through the mirror's reflection is EMIT; this is giving to others because it's the nature of things, living comes to mind. If you take everything off the table for your winnings, how will we get back into the game that you love so much? You have consumed the 1% so that now there is only you. "This too will pass" is one of the quotes coming off of the Jesus "quote book" during Biblical times. Religion and its followers have bitten of more than they can chew too; for, they are over weight with dogma; they are under supplied with compassion because life is in the here and now; it is not in the "la la land" of past thought. For example, you will not find a happy "la la land" or a happy home land for the people of the Middle East because life in all of its uniqueness is a fresh breath of air not the "quote book" of how someone traversed biblical times. The "quote book" and the letters from the learned of those days like the Gospel of John was because Paul could write his understanding of Jesus. And they differ in every way from the gospel of James, the first gospel in the bible; James hated Paul because James denied that Jesus was God; James was the head of the Jesus flock for the first 30 years after which he died. He also said he knew what Jesus said because he lived with Jesus; he knew because he was the brother of Jesus. That's Paul's claim that Jesus is God. Paul was a learned Roman citizen who could write.  No one who wrote any one of the four gospels of the bible ever met Jesus. So much for the Bible taking up so much of your time -in your name it is proselytizing the middle east this very moment. Are you enjoying the "theater" being presented on your TV news station every night? I believe that there is some king of a "pegging" going on over there. The US foreign policy has been wearing a "strap-on" for more that a century of "pegging" the inhabitants of the region; the 1957 revolution in Iran comes to mind. Look where that got us, a zero sum approach on ideology. Fucking A!  As they say in politics, it is not over until the fat lady sings. 

Pay to play!

When I was a boy there was a place that I wanted to go to because it was the beginning of getting there. Jimmy lived on the left side of the boardwalk; the potato chip factory was on the right hand side of the boardwalk; you could always find a bag of chips in the outgoing trash bins; they had boxes full of chips, free. With a bag of chips in my hands, I would walk the boardwalk down to the river's edge. When you got to the water, you never knew who would or could be there. The "hobo" was still riding the rails of the train in my youth. My spot had a bridge for the trains to cross over; that is where the "hobo" would jump off, or jump on the train going to Boston. Some of them camped along the river's bank; you grow up fast when you hang out with the "hobo," some of them were very "strange" guys. The Charles' river is a very sexual river at least as seen through my eyes. The cemetery backs up the road that I step off of and onto the boardwalk on my way to the river. The guys from town swing in the limbs of those trees as they masturbate. Christ! What a wonderful neighborhood. When the fish were running through the shallows on the low spots along the river, you could walk across the "Charles" on their backs.  My spot was a beautiful spot along side the river's edge. I would swing out from the river's bank holding on to a rope that is swinging out over the water as it is tethered to the extending branch of the old tree. But I was always worried about the snapping turtles snapping at my "joy toy" because I was naked. When I was a young boy we would all swim naked in the boy's club swimming pool, boys with the boys, girls with the girls no matter the age as I remember it. But those swimming in the Charles river under the bridge were "sophisticated" and had beer to share with you. You know, just like the back room of the barber shop, they had "dirty" books, naked women. They used to laugh at me when I was looking at the pictures; we masturbated. Potato chips and "hobos" along the Charles River- when I got older I would walk up the hill's path past the "peacocks" caged in by the farmer to the "titty" bar beer joint along the railroad tracks. You could shoot pool if you wanted to; the "strippers" got my money. Yes, one way or another, you will pay with your innocence or your dollars; then too you could "barter" your way out of these social experiences that you had garnished along the way.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's killing me:

Do you even exist, or are you a figment of my condition; I have so many "conditions" that I just say condition. I hope that you are 'OK' with that. What I mean by condition: the diagnosis from my many mental health therapists. No one wants to work with me because all of the conditions have been written up; it's beyond their ability to string together any other scenario that could help toward their recognition. Yes! It is the truth, fuck it! if they cannot get recognition from their peers, it's off the table. So, all I have is you, you who I write my thoughts to. Because the system has me so "boxed" in that I cannot get away from myself even if I tried. So, I'm asking you to go to my web site; read one of my past blogs; this will help you to understand who I am. Not completely, I know! But, if you read one, it will record on my board; one by one we can help each other to stay out of our own way. My web site is WWW.THEBLACKMARKET.ME. My e-mail is This "could" give me some encouragement. But, the truth is that I hope it gives you encouragement. Now! When you go to my web site it might appear as a simple... .ME; if it does just click on it; I hope you enjoy the moment because when I write the title, picture and text are set up as background; sometimes as foreground, meaning that I'm into the picture; the stage is in the title because I might be all about jesting about with my point; sometimes there simply is no point to the piece accept for the fact that it's possibly true. That is right: you too might come to the conclusion that I'm a political prisoner from the past racist moment of the church. The church likes to mask the Law when ever it can because it is the principle of its dogma. You will live and act freely according to the behavior set out by the elites to hold you accountable for your rewards. The South is getting squeezed between the intellectual North and the Spanish speaking movement coming out of South America; populating Florida with their trappings and wealth; English is no longer the chosen tongue. These are sophisticated "folks" who know what it takes to make it in life. They do not occupy the position; they create it for you to occupy, the southern white boy is becoming the slave of the future because it is his time and there is no G.I. bill to educate him out of poverty. The poverty of being so special that not understanding the other point of view was away of life, if you are not one of us, you is the enemy with your "carpet bag" full of unorthodox ideas, liberal minded.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Piggy back!

She invited me for a ride as we passed by each other one early  morning. I was out and about in Barcelona looking for an early morning cup of coffee. "Take a piggy back ride to remember me by"; that is what she said.  I'm telling you, there is never a dull moment when you stroll the streets of Spain. You know! The buildings along the main fair in Barcelona are from out of the time zone. One of them looks as if it going to melt. They have been working on one of their churches decades; they are no where near finished; I'm telling you the story of life is being constructed in the facade of the church's outer skin; when you walk in side the church, that is if you can get in side, you will take your senses into wounding why there is this pursuit to perpetuate the myth of the church. Yes! She wore her genitals on her back because she said it was more convenient when she is in flight. She said she gave the best riding tour over the city, "Just hock up with me 'honey'; I'll show you the sites; I'm the best time-share tour that you will ever go." "Darling" she said, "if you sign up for the tour, I'll give you my "back side" for your first visit presentation. If you love the way I ride you can come back and ride me ever year for your two week summer vacation. I'm your special gift for taking this time share offer for your lusting summer memory." By the time I got back from the time share tour she was already giving her pitch to this stumbling down old dude who was giving her his willing eye of acceptability. And to my surprise, she gave me a wink; she flew off singing back to me: I'm yours when ever you come around visiting.   

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sitting: ass spreading....

I have to get up off my ass remembering that life, no matter its moment, is very fickle -dues to death's door. So, what is crime? First! You need to look at 'Opportunity'; this is "you"; because it is you who set up the crime of opportunity. For example, you left your car unlocked with your valuables shining out to me, catch me if you can. So, yes I try to be more like you; so, I steel your identity, your toys. I am your acolyte -want to be. You go to the beach, leaving the shore for the baptismal waters, -a two week vacation- your belongings left unattended for a needy soul to acquire for their pleasure.  You give someone the opportunity to enter your domain; you think that they will respect your "privacy." It is a crime to believe that nonsense. Intangibles can be very valuable, yes indeed. Now! I'm in your home because we are friends; you are giving me tacit permission to steel your privacy because deep down you want someone to offer your redemption, sort of like the Papal Bulls put out by the church to forgive you for your future transgressions as well as absolution for your past. Snooping is when you look under the covers and see that which is private; but, yes it still is steeling like errors of omission. You put out "false hoods" when you gossip steeling someone's reputation; you do this with impunity because you have no value for the "gossip" only for its affect. It's just you talking trash to elevate your own stature within your mind's eye. Yes! It's one of your many weaknesses.  I have them too. We all do -you know. It is sort of like raising up your right hip spreading your ass cheeks while releasing gas -farting a good one. Just think about it, your sitting down in a chair; so, if you release the gas it could make a noise; therefore, you raise your right or left hip, letting it rip out hoping that the theory behind solipsism has some merit. 

" stair case"

The worst place to be is in the correctional meat grinder of the "justice" system; a close second is the prison that you presently occupy. You are searching, seeking and questing the answer which occupies you the most, internal or external gratification. Where do you put your roots down, in conceptualization or contextualization? Is your context money, the riches to attain the "toys" that you favor; or is it the concept of being whole with your surroundings, community -dancing with the one who brought you." OK! think about the commitment needed to do what you want to do, attain the desired ends to foster your enlightenment. For, as you already know, it does not matter which way you go; you are going to be anxious over your situation: the prison of maintaining your "toys,"work. In the India of days gone by, the Rajah gave you a present of the sacred elephant; thereafter it is your religious duty to tend to this elephant's needs. It was a way in which the Rajah kept you tethered to your place of importance. IT cost you more to tend to the needs of the elephant than it cost you to run your kingdom. The deity is denied no pleasure, be it dominating or submissive in nature. This is because you are supposed to spread your DNA around; copulating with each other on a socially hierarchical quest. The idea is that the more people that are indebted to you for favors offer,  privileges are given to you in return, a "privilege" is what you want, your wish. For example, if you will please remember when you were 11 to 12 years old and your hormones came flooding in on to the scene; you know that everybody's body was in transition but not everybody's brain was in the same place. So each made out what it could from this affair of self actualization, this is your "program." It's the app that you picked up along the way;  each app is there to do a different thing. Only, the problem you have is that your app is out dated for the climate you are in today. Yes, you are no longer 11 or 12 years old, but your programming is dated in the romance of your cohort.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


P.S.! You are not going to believe this and that is OK. But I was told that there was a rumor going around when my Pardon was turned down that some members of the parole board did not want to grant it because of Oprah. They just knew that if they granted the pardon that Oprah would cover it on her TV show; the rumor was that no one on the Pardon Board wanted to meet Oprah under such a controversial decision, granting a pardon to an innocent person. All because it was rumor that she was coming to Charleston, SC. What can I say? Also, just before I went up for my Pardon, the board granted a pardon to Mr. Brown for his crazy antics against his wife; than he turned around and did it again. My attorney told me that the Pardon board was very leery of redemption after the "grandfather of soul" reneged on his newly granted Pardon which makes more sense than this Oprah thing. So! No one on the Parole Board wanted any more negative attention after the attention they got from granting the "grandfather of soul" his Pardon only to turn around and repeat his behavior. To me it was all about Politics because a very learned and connected friend of mine told me that the Oprah thing is only a smoke screen. She was told that my denial was political; meaning that it was denied before it was partitioned before the Pardon board. Yes! this is evidence of the judiciary colluding with others to offer services that have no way of being realized; yet, it cost me $15,000.00 in legal fees for something which was an allusion like the Rafael tickets I hustled when I a boy. You know! I'm about 12 years old; I'm working the bar rooms on Moody St.; me an my shoeshine box. I was pushing Rafael tickets for some guy who hung around the tennis courts; he lived in the boarding house across the street. Every night I would drop off the money and pick up a new batch from the church around the corner. The guys who hung out in the bars were young and ambitious, but lacked the opportunities that swept the elites into stardom; the emerging emigrants and their descendents. I would just go from bar room to bar room most days shining shoes and pushing tickets. It wasn't uptown, for sure. I needed the money and the attention that I was getting when I walked into this social cave of mostly men mating with their bottle, mug of beer. I won the Rafael at the end of the summer because that guy who hung out at the courts put my name on all of the stubs that I had so religiously turned into him
after shining shoes on Moody st. That is how I met my dog "Lucky."   

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Shine on harvest moon...."

To my friends, I say "may yesterday's dream be tomorrow's memory." Yes! this means that I hope that the actions that you put in place reach their fruition in the morning. To you I say:Your wish is granted, be it a day of "hooky from school," or what ever else you desire, enjoy. Now! Please! When you wake up from slumber "remember" yesterday was joyous, let the residue flow over into a life of tomorrows. You see, you did not allow yourself to get in the way of your potential yesterday. Yes! You can walk on the "wild side" so that you "could" have a "tale" to tell. Tell it as if it were a dream, no liability that way. You do not want to worry about litigation. You know that gossip rules; time allows you to allow others to embellish their memory of the tale that you had to tell. Your point of view so full of holes is now being served up as Swiss cheese. Maybe some day you will grant me my memory of joyous devilry. Like removing me from the registry of sex offenders because the judge and the jury colluded with the powers to be to send me "up the river without a paddle," no way to protect my to sanity, never mind my ass. But, just like when I went up for a Parole, it was denied because of "political" positions taken by the state due to its corrupt past handling of my case. The SC supreme court turned down my post conviction release partly because it is lawless in its way of interpreting the letter of the law unless it is being vindictive for the benefit of the judiciary's elite associates, social class. But it might be on the horizon, my wish, because the SC Supreme court just ruled that there is cause to remove someone from the registry: I wonder if being innocent of the allegations will help me even though I am not from their same social class.

Bottom's thong

The "bottom" of what? You may ask this question, if you first understand that the problem is that you want to be top down, controlling. Now! The solution to the problem is "bottom-up" meaning that it is driven by the needs of the individual and not the group. The group is a top down hegemonic structure; you can also say it is fascist in nature rather like the political structure in the Southern aristocratic point of view. The "position" hordes the power; you occupy the position.  So, if you are going to facilitate the situation you have to have compassion for the pieces as well as the piece being created. So, did some one commission you to create life's "work of art," or are you life's "work of art" participating in life projecting your sense of vision upon the canvas of humanity? For example, if you can walk around  wearing a thong with complete comfort, I feel that you have that right because you are the "work of art" on the beach. So, please feel free to wear your "thong" (reviled by some) around me. But, if you had not noticed the sign, it's a nude beach; clothing is optional. For example, there is a story about a king who bought invisible clothing and thereafter paraded around not realizing that his people saw his naked body. Are you that kind of a king who would walk around in a naked suit of "superstition, "prejudice. You know! It's prejudice that favors one over another, nepotism comes to mind.  Also, it never solved the problem, best person for the job under normal conditions, like going beyond the small family has been one of the most acceptable pathway toward social intercourse, enlightenment. You see, you do not want to be the top of the pile when that pile of shit is the bottom of life's pyramid. If you are on the bottom of the pile it is because you chose to be; it's your fascist side- meaning, you are lusting for a "position" so you can get recognition for your need of praise because it is your addiction. Yes! You are so special.  But, than again, maybe you "should" keep your clothes on and parade around like a commoner reading "Common Sense."

Monday, July 14, 2014

Crossing over....

Let me ask you a question:where do "experiences" come from? Now!  Some people have said, "if you do not hire me where will I get my references from?" "I need to get the job first; than I will have a reference." OK! It is something like the "chicken's egg" and you are being asked to hatch it, nurturing out that first needed "reference." It cries out: I'm a go getter, give me the "experience" so that I may reach my potential. Right! The problem with this argument is quite simple and I will not bother to reference it again because you are not so special that I should chose you over an other.  So, moving on, "experience" is all about helping others to solve a situation, offering you a learning opportunity as well as a direction in life. For example, coming out of Boston, Ma in the early 60's you networked out of your down town office. You put your ideas on the table and allowed others the opportunity to participate; this is an office of reciprocity, sharing. Each member of the group would contribute to the idea if they could; I never asked anyone to pay me for the opportunity to participate in the "experience." But then I knew how to be creative; stepping out side of the box to get on top of it so I can give it some direction, purpose. Please, I must tell the truth;  I know that in today's world you work out of your computer, as I worked out of the office. All I am saying is take the "experience" not the money because if the experience is healthy you will attain the position. Now, you can negotiate a contract or move on toward your next experience, earning "tips" along the way. Please, you can attain maturity out of the "tips" you collect.  In today's world you can be anywhere and be effective somewhere else. Today's world is all about you as a network of pieces communing on your own "self best interest;" because it is you who is ultimately responsible to protect your own affect upon life. The key to commerce is its principle. Leverage it to its highest and best usage but never spend it. Meaning, offer your services to the project; take what ever it offers you in return. Demonstrate that you can be effective in solving the situation's problem - whatever that means, like maybe you take a commission until you establish residuals. But remember, the name of the game is getting "experiences," not sell yourself short by taking a salary that pins you down until someone comes along and "pulls your pin." Leaving you to fall into the "laundry bag of life." Or! you can cross over by taking someone else's point of view so that you can demonstrate your understanding of their situation.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

it's gone.

Do yourself a favor: if you can put your "mind" on hold and let your "brain" function, you could accomplish what you need to accomplish to get beyond the dissonance you feel. You "could" if you wish to; as for myself, I have not been able to shake this "fucking" that I got from the state of SC. And! they want me to bend over every time I go in and out of the country, the good old USA. Yes, for the past 25 years I have been taken aside each and every time I pass through customs. It is very humiliating to have to go through their eclectic cells; they treat you as if you are toxic, each time there is a different sent of rejection because the customs people are different; they are from different points along the periphery of the USA. Over the past 2 5years I have been on all of the borders. I felt their rejection like Jesus felt his thorns. This past trip to the British, VI, I was informed by Homeland Security that it was my personal responsibility to inform them of my movements; if I did not inform them, as they were not informed this time, I will be arrested for failure to register where ever I go, which is a felony in my case. I could be back in prison and raped because, as they said to me going out of customs, "it is our custom to verify the felon as he passes through Customs." Yes, if anything happened in anyone of the bars that I went into during my travels through out the islands, I would have been picked up and held by the police because I had not registered with Homeland Security. I cannot wait to get stopped by Interpol the next time I vacation in Europe, maybe during the "running of the bulls" in Spain. Maybe my cellmate will be one of those bulls. Fucking A!  This is what I have to face every time that I want to get away and have a "beer." I have to find Customs in my "thongs;" will they kiss and tell you all how wonderfully I passed through their inspection. Or, will my undies betray my adventures? as I am out and about with the thrill of discovery.  There is one thing for sure, Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" could be printed today to describe the way that the system is treating the common man; it's classing them as felons. Welcome to the revolution my friend.

flailing "white" boy

"White Boy" is the name of the boat in front of the patio with the blue doors; this is where I'm living for the next three days. It's my deck because I'm paying the rent for this lovely one bedroom suite in the harbor on the island of Tortola, VI. But, It's not my boat - no keys. I'm waiting for my boat to come online so that I can go sailing, 51 footer. I'm white Irish from the streets of Boston, Ma. The prevailing winds ring out the symbols of symbolism: "a white boy up the river without a paddle," no keys. I do not drink alcohol unless I'm out of the country because I'm a felon with a target on my back. I'm also a political prisoner under the judiciary's umbrella. So, I'm sitting on this dock drinking "pain Killers" and thinking about the Islands that I'm about to visit. Also, I am running away from the poor "white boy" in my own remembrance, me. My only regret, I did not have any "ganja,"Mann. My thought sitting on the dock: Is "Harlem" unique in the sense that its essence is Black culture? It is a foolish question for a white boy to ask, you know. The power of the white boy to control the Black culture is tacit at best; it is not a white boy's place to think that there is synergy afoot because the black journey is their journey to unfurl. It is not the white boys to unfold because the white boy folded up the black culture through the criminal justice system and pressed in the creases that have been binding them from their first encounters out of slavery. In prison the black guys believed that theirs is a black culture in spite of the white boy. They have this expression: "once you go black, you never go back;" you see, it is the white boy who lacks culture in the eyes of the black culture. I remember this young white boy who was the wife of this black guy in prison. The white boy did not want to be a "cum dump" for his black husband, but that was his role to play in the "icicle garden," all that sweet white ice. Prison is the white answer to the distribution of wealth. The white culture has no heart; it has a corrupt judiciary who pander to the political elite. It is the white christian culture that mandates prison as a form of torture to keep its teaching intact, Christian redemption. But, by some strange chance, the judge who falsely imprison me was a black "uncle" tom. So yes, you can find "vipers" in any culture. It's just that I met more black inmates sentenced by white judges than white inmates sentenced by black judges. Yes!- that is because there are more whites in power and blacks in a prison of poverty; but fear not, the white boy is now joining the ranks of the oppressed; maybe the white he/she will now understand that the problem is universal in nature, sinking in the morass of inequality.   

Saturday, July 12, 2014

You know who!

"Yesterday, my troubles seemed so very far away; oh! I believe in yesterday" and not the "fucking" mad world of today; maybe tomorrow will take today away, "oh how I believe in yesterday." What a crock of fucking bull shit; the only real time there is is being in the moment even if you are in the middle of life's war on "thongs." Also, if you find yourself flailing around in someone else's undies man up and shut up for discretion could be the best part of valor; otherwise, you might not get the opportunity of grappling over the "thongs." So what do I mean, I'm talking about your inner voice. The character that you portray through your actions. For example,  US "think" for the Middle East created "Wasabi-ism" in the House of Saudi, its hermeneutic. This is the beginning of the meaning of "Jihad;" Jihad is a US export. The basic point to understand is that this form of Islam is very conservative; they want to be pure. This is the cold war of the Middle East: Iran is to Shia as Arabia is to Sunni.The world of Wasabi. US foreign policy coming out of WWI.  It is one of the inner voices heard in the Middle East. This is what I mean when I say get in touch with your inner voice. Remember, the Middle-East is just my metaphor to help me express my point of view. Your inner voice guides your subconscious world; this is the world where you "percolate" ideas, think. The Middle East is what it is today because of the US special interest. OK, this special interest is the problem; using my metaphor, the shit that you received from your family of origin; this is the voice that you grapple with. It does not understand your evolution, your experiences with expressing their "shit." AlQaeda and ISIS are two groups in the Middle East with very loud voices today. And yes, Both of them can be traced back to the policies of the US toward the war in Afghanistan. What did they do? The US gathered up all of the misfits from the various Middle Eastern populations and dumped them in Afghanistan to fight against the Russians; they won because they became Nationalist and unified against a common cause, Russia. US funded their efforts. When they became a "union" they attained political power. You have this "union" too, all of your misunderstandings giving birth to some prejudice. This is happening now in your brain as you read my "diatribe." You are filtering out what I'm saying because you have been programed; these programs from your youth create cognitive dissonance within you, as within the Middle East. You are haunted by your past actions; their inactions aginst prejudice. You see what I mean about Yesterday, if only the US stayed out of the Middle East and your family let you do what you wanted to do so that you could follow the word of, you know who, Frankenstein. The monster who wants to fit into those "thongs." OK how about the "chipendale dancer" hiding deep inside of you, barking to get out. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014


You do it without worrying about the consequences of your action. Yes! ...for some reason only known to you. For example, I have no "fucking" idea what is "right" or "wrong" at any given moment because I know that the judicial system is being corrupted by those "elites" in control of government. To me, the "elites" are just old time Fascists from another era of time. You know! -The Italian city states from days gone by, coupled with our prince, Machiavelli control freaks who use you as a "bit" in their world of hegemony. This I know because this is the meaning of "is." To you self best interest is the right way to make a decision about how you are going to respond around others, publicly as well as private. You couch this approach to others as benevolent as you can; Yet, your decisions do not allow for taking into consideration the extraneous others who live on the periphery side of your social sphere. Those who are outside of your social existentialistic life are suffering because of your personal action toward others. Let me put it this way: As a challenge: Did you listen to what was being said with an open mind so as to give the other an opportunity of being heard and understood? I cannot say that this is how I understand life to be. But I do not run around espousing the essence of "right and wrong" as you do. All that can be truly said is that "we all wish that we could be more acquainted we our own hedonistic byways and pathways," not just hearing about the ways of the ruling "elites." 

"Scat!" mouse.

It is the feeling of "inferiority" that rules the day. Now it is not absolute by any means; this is the ugly side of "inferiority" that will not confront itself, its shadow's effect can spread as the "canape" shades the forest's fertile floor, ground.  You can do it; you just need someone else to do it through; some have said that it sounds like it could be a "father" thing, very toxic relationship. In my case it could also be a "mother" thing because she was on the electric-shock program at the mental hospital every time she went off; she was always off. So, in my situation, I got it both ways. The thing that I got out of it is very special to me; my imagination. Yes, because I believe that I cannot do it; I can see how you can do it. Therefore, the two of us can get it done, together. Fear is a learned response. The problem is when you internalize it, you empower it, draining your functionality. This is the problem that you are facing with the way that our society is functioning. The problem is your sense of morality; its role in fucking up how you process the way others live their lives in relation to how you live your life; this leaves you drained of your creativity or it keeps you in the "box of failure" because you will not take the generalized other into consideration when you are trying to come to grips with the "shit" that was interjected into your value system. So let us be real; you are the root of the problem because you believe that you have the answer to the unspoken question. All I can do is suggest that you give your neighbor the same space that you believe you are entitled to; get rid of the "shit"that is composing the funky attitude that is oozing out of each and ever pore of your body because you are sounding like the trash that is spewing out of the spineless mouth of your Savior. But, please do not leave this shit of yours at the feet of Jesus as is the way of the Southern politician, like you know who.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm a Mosaic: piece.

Life is a mosaic: I was formed out of life; I'm a piece of life's mosaic. The beauty of being a mosaic is that each piece is hand made out of individual pieces, each with its own colorful history. I'm a beautiful handmade piece of life's mosaic. Now I'm not saying anything other than that each piece in life's mosaic is uniquely formed, yet maybe not socialized. For example, there are many divisions in science. My metaphor is the battle over "nurture and nature" when dealing with data. The child is forming in an environment of diminished returns. This small family of origin is very dysfunctional. Brain is in the dead zone, extraneous data out of a negative environment. How the fuck does the judicial system think that it can judge that which was not socialized. For example, my socialization was different from yours because I did not live your life, you did. You did not live my life; I did. This can be measured as the "differences between" against the "differences within." This data is clean. The Mosaic is beautiful; but  life fucking sucks. Another way of visualizing it is to think of life as the compost pile in your back yard; someday fresh life will form out of the morass. Yes! "this too will pass" has been and always will be part of my salvation. Today, I offer it up to you; please, even if you know and understand the word string, "...this too will pass." Revisit its possibilities now that you are "enlightened." If you are just one of the ''guys" then ask, who is it that occupies the generalized other. What is the context behind this engagement? Do I know how to interpret the language that I'm monitoring, hopefully listening. I think it is OK for the system to use its pieces, not abuse its pieces to conform to the laundry list of the judicial elites' elite friends. This judicial corruption only spawns the ever stench of the "rogue" prosecutor. She has a "yeast infection." There will be no sweet life forming out of that morass; that is for sure.

Fuck -up's

Let's face it; God is dead. Or, maybe God never existed. We know this because the judiciary is alive; they are the most likely villains that came up with this urban legend, anyway. Let's face the fact that no one ever introduced us to anyone remotely related to anyone who ever meet this power behind the third wave of the ocean's awakening - You know, the parting of the Red Sea. But we have all met someone who has been fucked over by the judiciary and their apostles. Let's call a spade a spade when it is a spade that life offers you to dig your way out of the shit house offerings from the judiciary's courtliness ways. Yes, the Court's apostles are false witness against the natural order of life's happiest opportunities, sex, drugs and rock & roll. I'm sorry. I'm just reminiscing about what could have been if the fucking naysayers of life stayed in their bathroom stalls and masturbated away their life's wishes. For example, James, the brother of Jesus, could not write; therefore, after his 33 year reign fell by the road side in the usual way of litter as seen along side the roadway traversing your community. Whereas Paul, the one shunned by James, could write and his 11 letters are the staples to the elite's legend of their 'god.' It's always that way. The judiciary comes out of the written word; Paul came out of the Rome's elite. I really do hope that you can put together 2 & 2 and not "cum" all over yourself. Yes! The only thing that seems to matter in the judicial world of fornication is 4play. For example, on the golf course where the elite play, they always scream out "4" when they shoot of their sperm like white pall aiming for the hole on the green.      

Monday, July 7, 2014

Debbie's corner

They say that there could be a link between "ganja" and schizophrenia. but they do not know which direction controls the action, the cannabis or the brain. Think about it this way: you wake up in the morning with a personality intact, and you go about your business as usual; you do this all the time, the same personality, normal. OK! When someone's brain can step in and change itself on will into another set of dynamics, personality. This process is, to some, schizophrenia by definition. The study that I read said that it could just be that the "schizo -you" is trying to get out - using "ganja" to facilitate the process of morphing away from life. Releasing your old "assumptions," their reality, taking on a new you like changing your clothes, your "personality" for a short period of time. For example, Dr. Jeckle  and Mr. Hyde. only that was cocaine, right. When I am under the influence, I always tell myself that I cannot experience anything 'today' that 'tomorrow' will have to wake up to. Tomorrow is your social body; it is there every day; the day is but a moment, where as tomorrow is for ever; you are but a day in tomorrow's life. All politics are local, all lives are social. Life is 'promiscuity's' playground and "ganja" will turn you all around. It's playful. Now! They also say that the brain starts to form its construct in its late teens to early twenties -17to 22 years old. It is between this time frame that the "schizo you" takes form. In the east, it is said, "the other times me." Also, they say that normal means a well formed identity, consistency. Meaning, if you are a "digit" be a fucking "digit" and stop putting on the dress. Now I know that sometimes "ganja" can distort your receptivity where you are susceptible to exhibiting change. You walk in as a lion; you walk out as a lioness because you believe that you are special. You are willing to be whomever you need to be to survive being special. It is not easy to lock yourself down into some constructed form that someone else chose for you. But this is what is needed to be "normal;" otherwise, the judiciary can string you out on some mental health clothesline. They can call you schizophrenic; they could say that you are a confused schizophrenic and call you schizo -typical, something like being moody. You are always eccentric to others. You know everyone always tells you that you are so unique that they never met anyone like you before; you are a Martian. Right! Hey! Just maybe I "should" open up a club and call it "the dining schizophrenics" serving up our special of the Day: "personality soup" by the cup or saucer. Yes! I'll be glad to confirm that there is a potential connection between "ganja" and the "schizo -you." All aboard the "schizo -train" to, I know you can; I know you can.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Convergence: my pieces.

Yes! I can be whatever you want me to be; but I cannot be what I want to be unless you leave me alone to experience life's richness, to attain the possibilities within my reach, maybe beyond? So, please attend to your own garden. Leave my fucking garden alone. I do not understand your dream for me. Your dream for me is somewhat like the dream you have for the Middle East; see how they too do not understand what motivates the  resolve that you are proposing. Your fucking Christian crusade to conquer the holy lands again for some "fairy" tale that you choose to believe in. Anyway! When you leave "nature" alone there is evolution - The evolution of the Middle East since the fall of the Ottoman Empire has only fermented discourse which at best is guttural because of outside influences such as when the Pope call for Sunday to be elevated back to the Blue Laws of yesterday's dogma. Fuck! The Atheists are into Friday; maybe the Islamic are into Saturday; the meat grinder of life want all the rest. The U.S. is an unbelievable opportunity for anyone. What right does anyone have to deny or restrict another their opportunities for a joyous life. The "social contract" is fucking leaning over as the tower of Pisa leans; this is a perilous way to exercise power when the topic of conversation is judicial squirreling around political posturing, on C-span. This topic is "the 4th of July weekend's" "rallying cry" for "Social Justice," not religious funneling into the hamburger of judicial shit. The moral elites are preying on your carcass. Watch and see how the "tea party" denies you a working government because it suits their purposes regardless of the fact that they are holding a position which is funded because they are supposed to enter into discussion with an open mind; they are dilettantes.     

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Quiet firecrackers: July 4th 2014

I was watching C-Span on TV yesterday; the subject, as far as I'm concerned, hit the nail squarely on the head of the problem -judicial corruption. For example, in my own situation, I was found guilty of a crime which never happened because the judge caved into the political powers that put his "black" ass in office. Let me set the scene: It's 1987; I'm in Myrtle Beach, SC., living across from Mother Fletcher's on 8th Ave.N. In these time's Mother Fletcher's was the reigning incubator of social intercourse. My epicenter -my corner of the "world" was Bus.16 and 8th ave N. What was I doing that turned the system against me? Well let me answer that question, by saying, "not understanding how eccentric the opposition could be.' For example, one night while checking into my new "occupancy" around 75th Ave. N. -on the beach, three men came at me; one of them knocked me out as I responded to their inquiry. They worked for the property: the lawyer - the accountant -the Marketing Director. Nobody wanted me to set up my "program." This was set up to work like the stock market. Each resort on the beach was set up to trade against each other resort on the beach except they were going to be controlled by me. Meaning, "occupancy" of the property was king -"high cotton."  The beach was divided up into weeks so that you could maximize occupancy. The company that I was doing business with held all of those weeks listed for rent or sale.  The individual resorts along the strip would now have competition for their resort's resources, vacationing families. Now I could be selling on the property right along side of them, only for less money. Whoever the "Fuck" they were: there was a "hit" out on me; "that story was always in the prison hopper on inmate #161696 alias 666. My marketing tool was so so sweet: I was marketing the "east west challenge" on the Domino's pizza box; those boxes were ending up in all of the hotel and motel rooms every night in the "program's" promotion for family vacationing along the Grand Strand. Than, when I took over the breakfast crowd, meaning the breakfast table's place mates had my advertising for family vacationing at a 50% discounts. No gifts! I was offering the best price, resales. I had half a dozen restaurants that specialized in the family breakfast along the Grand Strand. What am I saying? I'm saying that they, how ever "they" is, set this scenario up  -having me brought up on false rape charges so that they could get rid of my program, I was set up because they did not want competition; and, because they had the power of the judiciary in their pocket. I went to prison; I also died. All I can say is that they play hard ball. There is not a single mother fucking Christian amongst them, except in name only; yet if I'm wrong and it is God's will as you all profess; that it is God's will that put me in prison and not your vindictiveness, I do truly apologize for misunderstanding your way of courting.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Early, Curly & Young

So the three of us sat down and put together our outline -the talking points of this sit down. Now, to set the stage I'm going to draw upon the image of Bretton Wood - the elites coming together in New Hampshire to discuses the settlement of War and Gold. This is how Europe was going to be refinanced after WWII -1944.  OK! Now, today -both The UK & US are in the "thongs" of the Dragon Lady. In the U.S. she goes around town driving her new toy, "the tea party." In the UK it's the "new center party" out of the house of Commons. This is the problem facing the far -right in politics. It's all about balancing the budget. For example, fifty years ago the Federal Reserve and the political elite in the U.S. believed that they had a formula to pay off the National Debt. Also, the UK's finance man of the hour saved the West when he pumped money and resources into the 1987 UK market place, early and hard. Otherwise, according to those who were there, the markets were going to crash like the 1929 US fuck -up. The problem is as always the "elephant" in the room. The U.S. and its Rape "sy" US foreign policy; as far as the world is concerned. It is zero sum in nature and manipulation with all of those who see the world in any other context other than that of the U.S. and its interests. For example, the U.S. changes its position more often than the now reigning "Dragon lady" of politics changes her "panties."  She wants to stay fresh; she wants the debt paid off; she works for a living by investing with what she has, whereas the players in today's game are borrowing and adding to the debt by raising revenue based upon holding onto the debt with abrasive intercultural manipulations. Early believes that structure determines the experience; so, yes, borrow to stimulate when it's needed but that does not mean that you never pay off the Debt; get in and out of the game of Government to facilitate the needs of today, not spend the moments of tomorrow with debt. Curly & Young agree but they have the complex problem of the geopolitical ISIS imploding the Middle East; with this, the Russian Question is beaming on the horizon as Putin tries to rebuild the "Empire" using the Frankenstein-ed pieces of the old USSR.
"the times they are changing."           

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stepping on....

It is all about setting the scene. And! Life's all about your journey through time; it's all about you going beyond your family of origin, stepping on top of people as you find your way.  This is the way it is supposed to work for the healthy Brain; unfortunately, society wants to control the way that the Brain processes its choices. You are denied the opportunity of doing and gaining experience through participation. Now this is a popular social model used by the "elites" because most of the Brains in the population were "dumbed"  down by the prejudices learned within the their family of origin. The Brain needs to go beyond the individual's point of view. Because "self best interest" is the prevalent gate keeper of Society's masses. Meaning, society's elites control threw opportunities; which means that society will give and it will take away because it is a game of political proselytizing. It is their play book on Hermeneutics. But! If you are gifted this process could dumb you down; so that you will not reach mental maturity which means that life gave you less opportunity to develop what "could have been" because you were not offered the opportunity to stimulate this trait, your way of interpreting life's realities. Life is not meant to be controlled by any one position because the evolution of life is through the mother passing the egg of life to her daughter to pass on evolution's message; this is not the realm of man. Man is "Y" and intellect does not run on the "Y"; it is a product of the "X." So, what I'm saying is that the female brain got the "up -date" for the future; the male did not; he is yesterday's memory. Now! if you are a male? And if you are hot for your own feminine side, you might have a better chance of attaining enlightenment. The Alpha side of religion has to bend over, spread its cheeks, and take it like the "bitch" that it is. My advice to you is stop stepping on each other and understand that when you form a "union" it does not have to revolve around money; the key is "power"; unionizing gives you equality. The "right to work" state is the "elite's wet dream." You get shit; there is nothing that you can do about it. For example, my story: My license required that I must act as a fiduciary toward my client; if I did not, I could go to prison. Yet, under the right to work state's methodology. SC will not allow the courts to take it into consideration. Anyway, if there were a union you could walk around each other. You could cohabit the same space without stepping on the situation. The idea of a "right to work" dichotomy is without -a- doubt the "Maggot model." Please rethink:  "May Yesterday's Dream Be Tomorrow's Memory" and dump the "wet dream" which the "elites" hold out in front of you; pick yourself up; be the dream of tomorrow. You can do it; I know you can; I know you can.          

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Toasting: "Maggots all."

We are designed to consume each others affect; think about maggots eating away, all consuming on a pile of carcass laying out in front of you. Hold that image in your mind's eye so that I can use it as an example -metaphor.  All of these maggots are "demonstrating" the same behavior in the same manner that people consume the energy of others; to be a "people" is to be consumed while consuming too. DNA! It's coded in the egg that hatched. My nickname could be "hatch;" this is true for you as well because you too are one of the hatched eggs. You -like the maggots- are consuming the carcass of life -life's carcass. I think that you could benefit from the metaphor if efficiency is part of life's solution. May I say, "What is more efficient than a colony of maggots." I bet you -dime to dollar- that you would like to have a little bit of that "efficiency" in your life as well; but then you would have to give up your mind. We both know that you lost control of that a long time ago. Right! I suggest that you take control of your mind; editing it is the best way to keep it efficient. For example, if the Devil comes along an offers to make a trade with you: Your "soul" for the winning ticket in Power Ball; life's largest payout. OK! this might look like a good deal but what if the devil cheated you and gave you what he knew that you could not handle because you had already lost control of your mind. Now! the devil will want to control your mind too; if it is lost, the Devil will make you pay. Because then, as punishment, you become one of life's maggots. Think of it this way: you are one of 2000 inmates living 2 to 3 per cell; all wearing the same costume, yet each occupying its own physical form; they are in their cell grinding off of the carcass of time. They tend to their needs -mental and physical- in the space of their cell mate's waste -from their shared open toilet in the cell. Their beta waves are burning red. Side Bar: Some have said that it is a black man's duty to make a white man his wife. Some kind of visual could morph out of that, white on black -maggots on a dead soul's carcass. Now, to tell you the truth, I was in a situation where I was the only naked white boy in the middle of a pack of black guys, I felt their toasting as the guard slowly processed us through his vindictive nature. You could see his sexual arousal getting larger as he squirmed the black guys around my body; their genitals bouncing. Yes! This is what society does each and every day as it bumps and grinds its perverted hips like the strip tease artist did in the day's of vaudeville's burlesque.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Life, is it a dream?

It is true; I read the book - "Life is a Dream;" I did this while attending a course in Spanish Literature. This is what I learned: When you are dealing in the throngs of power, beware of the one who wears the "thong" of today. In the story -"life is a dream," this child made the Queen scream so loudly during child birth that the king had him locked up until his 18th birthday without telling him that he was the prince. Shit! if only some one did not tell me that I was a prince, but told me everything else that I needed to know in life, I too would forgive the king for his immaturity. Now that would imply to me that you "should" pop into life as genitally as possible; do not fuck around with mother. Meanwhile,  but not as in my personal case, the prince was instructed in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Also, there was a caveat added to the king's edict; the prince had to understand the "why" of the king; for, if he did not, the king would not let him live. Right! So what am I saying?  OK! This "story" about the prince could be my metaphor or simile, as you like it, into my life's story. In my dream remembrance though Brain Core therapy, this is the new thing in my mental health idiocy in which I'm presently involved. Because, since my mental rapture, my memory is in question on many points of remembrance. So when I am recalling some past event in my life, it is more or less me telling you a story about my life as if I just finished the book - I do not always believe my own memories because I was tortured in prison. Plus, when I got out of prison the community attempted to do their best to interfere with my mental hygiene. I was beaten and raped while I was living in Charleston -yes, there were many more misadventures between being beaten and raped. Yes! You could say that I was "crazy." This is why I went over to the other side. I had no legal rights; the police were never any help as far as I was concerned. They rattled my cage on many occasions. The one thing that I know for sure is that they are not there to protect and serve me in any shape or form. So, the truth is simple -I lost touch with reality because my reality was so toxic. I was on probation in the state of SC, living at 22 Bennett St. I had a bulls eye on my back because I'm the registered felon; I'm on the states most wanted list. I'm living in downtown Charleston. I was easy prey for the perverted predators of the Christianized South. They could stalk me because it was easy to find me. I was living and working in the boarding houses of Charleston. I managed at different times as many as a dozen properties on the peninsula which I rented out the rooms by the day or week. But most of the tenants came and went according to their schedule - People passing through town, looking for a job, testing the waters to see if they could fit into the Charleston seen. Maybe they were taking classes at the College as I was; who knows the what's or why's of the boarding house crowd. I just ran the fucking places because no one else would offer me a job, just Vicky.  What a special woman she was to me. She was the idea behind the "Vickie Lynn" house at 22 Bennett ST. Charleston, SC. 29401       

Prejudice, is it the "inn" thing?

Every one has a history. It is your story: This is true even if it is a "lie." The story put out their by a rogue prosecutor to project herself into being the "pink Prick." Colluding with others to do the will of the elites. She put her name on perjured testimony. She corrupted the validity of the law. She used her position for fame and fortune. She knew that the witnesses perjured their testimony. But she wanted to use this case as a stepping stone in her career, regardless of the fact that she swore an oath to not allow her own "prejudices" to interfere with the administration of the law. Yes! Because she was interfering with the pieces of the game - her personal prejudice. key point! The Social Contract says
Life is about the law that governs the situation. The context in question; Was it perjury, or not? Because if there is no evidence there can be no conviction; unless, of cause -there is corruption.  This is the game of Law: you act according to the statutes. But her prejudice begs to be heard; therefore, she says "guilty" based upon some instinct buried deep down in the dogma of the church -the bowel of her psyche. As far as I'm concerned, she did not care about the truth. She cares more about her perception of civic duty. For example, Men have a penis; you have a penis; you are a man; therefore, you are guilty of sin -guilty in "imagination" -their prejudice. There is nothing, if the church can get the edge over on your interest -in favor of their interest. If they can in fact do this, why is there a law? -A law of evidence?  Why should anyone be subjugated to a prejudice? What will you do about it? Nothing most likely because no one cares. Yes! I know that maybe you side on the side of those who believed that it was Marie Antoinette who did in fact say, "...Let them eat cake...."Well let me say, "fuck you" if you think that there is a place for individual prejudice in the administration of the Laws that governs the Social Contract.

occuping space...

What do others see when they see you if you are a stained individual; their opening is emotional - enough to prejudice "possibilities." Social slavery controls access into society's 'way of life'. Your options are diminished when your life is unstable; you become less mobile, setting an environment of limited return.Yes! The U.S. is becoming an ever opening police state. The scary thing about it is that the system does not understand that this is exactly what you are not supposed to do. The brain needs to develop its creativity through freeing itself from unfettered assumptions, laws without  social consciousness - pulling me down year after year for at least 25 years because it suits the police state model and will only reinforce the anarchy amongst felons as you see played out today in the Middle East with the rise of ISIS: Iraq-Syria-Islamic-State. This is the same format playing out in Russia. Putin wants to bring back the old Soviet satellite model under the head of the New Russia. You can see this in the political take over of Crimea.  This is old history fostered through Yeltsin and Gorbachev some 20 years ago when the Elites decided to terminate the USSR. It is the U.S.'s fucking foreign police debacles because it is still believing in the old system of proselytizing on behalf of Christianity. Let people develop the society that fosters the individual's spirit for free expression without the facade of prefabrication. Let us be real -you cannot expect common knowledge to manifest itself in each neighborhood in town unless each neighborhood has equal access to social and economic resources. What is this all about? It is simple. It is the "icicle garden's" affect: you build your own prison. This is the New World Order's postulate. Under a given circumstance a corporation can become the most "restrictive restricts" against an individual based upon Christian beliefs. Supreme court  just ruled in a case against denying a particular remedy based upon their Christian beliefs. What happened to the separation between church and State? If the church -at any moment- becomes the most -"restrictive restricts" as the Court is leaning. Church can "trump" the State. It is unconstitutional.