Friday, July 4, 2014

Early, Curly & Young

So the three of us sat down and put together our outline -the talking points of this sit down. Now, to set the stage I'm going to draw upon the image of Bretton Wood - the elites coming together in New Hampshire to discuses the settlement of War and Gold. This is how Europe was going to be refinanced after WWII -1944.  OK! Now, today -both The UK & US are in the "thongs" of the Dragon Lady. In the U.S. she goes around town driving her new toy, "the tea party." In the UK it's the "new center party" out of the house of Commons. This is the problem facing the far -right in politics. It's all about balancing the budget. For example, fifty years ago the Federal Reserve and the political elite in the U.S. believed that they had a formula to pay off the National Debt. Also, the UK's finance man of the hour saved the West when he pumped money and resources into the 1987 UK market place, early and hard. Otherwise, according to those who were there, the markets were going to crash like the 1929 US fuck -up. The problem is as always the "elephant" in the room. The U.S. and its Rape "sy" US foreign policy; as far as the world is concerned. It is zero sum in nature and manipulation with all of those who see the world in any other context other than that of the U.S. and its interests. For example, the U.S. changes its position more often than the now reigning "Dragon lady" of politics changes her "panties."  She wants to stay fresh; she wants the debt paid off; she works for a living by investing with what she has, whereas the players in today's game are borrowing and adding to the debt by raising revenue based upon holding onto the debt with abrasive intercultural manipulations. Early believes that structure determines the experience; so, yes, borrow to stimulate when it's needed but that does not mean that you never pay off the Debt; get in and out of the game of Government to facilitate the needs of today, not spend the moments of tomorrow with debt. Curly & Young agree but they have the complex problem of the geopolitical ISIS imploding the Middle East; with this, the Russian Question is beaming on the horizon as Putin tries to rebuild the "Empire" using the Frankenstein-ed pieces of the old USSR.
"the times they are changing."