Monday, July 28, 2014

Asking "forgiveness".

I do a post daily so I do not want someone to misunderstand my position; I'm not talking about spirituality, your belief system. I'm happy that you have one; I wish I had one. Anyway, I like very broad latitudes when playing "metaphor" with the symbol of the church. If you could say universal church, you could "metaphor" the catholic church, catholic means universal. And the best part of that you can bring up Rome, remembering Emperor Constantine creating the Papal State, your bible. From my point of view, you need "confession" because you sin daily without remorse if you are as like your neighbor. Worry not, every neighborhood has its own unique sins. The beauty of a sin is that it can be a "big" sin or a "little" sin; confession is good for the soul, speak up in this "space" for your forgiveness.  I'll always love the Papal Bulls being sold during the reformation because they allowed you immunity from sin, therefore the law. Remember the Reformation's Renaissance was a  battle between the powers, Germany and Rome's papal state. Those papal bulls were selling like "hot cakes" in Germany; Frederick was unhappy. And you know the rest of the story, Protestantism. So, the church is just a metaphor for the "second" son. The first son got the land; the second son got the church. It was a way of dividing up the family assets: second son collected the people's faith tax at a 1/10 %; it was the usual church tax. The first son got all the tangibles, titles.  It's is the story of the Middle East today with all its complexities; for when Mohammad died, you were a Sunni if you were from Mohammad tribe; if you were a disciple of Mohammad you were a Shia, like the second son, you get the church.  Every population has its church, it's the "stomach" of opportunity. Its stewardship is couched in the business "community" and its special interest groups, "the elites come marching in." I like the stomach as a metaphor because your "stomach" is your body's brain. Yes! It's is true, "all politics is local.
Thanking you in advance.