Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Piggy back!

She invited me for a ride as we passed by each other one early  morning. I was out and about in Barcelona looking for an early morning cup of coffee. "Take a piggy back ride to remember me by"; that is what she said.  I'm telling you, there is never a dull moment when you stroll the streets of Spain. You know! The buildings along the main fair in Barcelona are from out of the time zone. One of them looks as if it going to melt. They have been working on one of their churches decades; they are no where near finished; I'm telling you the story of life is being constructed in the facade of the church's outer skin; when you walk in side the church, that is if you can get in side, you will take your senses into wounding why there is this pursuit to perpetuate the myth of the church. Yes! She wore her genitals on her back because she said it was more convenient when she is in flight. She said she gave the best riding tour over the city, "Just hock up with me 'honey'; I'll show you the sites; I'm the best time-share tour that you will ever go." "Darling" she said, "if you sign up for the tour, I'll give you my "back side" for your first visit presentation. If you love the way I ride you can come back and ride me ever year for your two week summer vacation. I'm your special gift for taking this time share offer for your lusting summer memory." By the time I got back from the time share tour she was already giving her pitch to this stumbling down old dude who was giving her his willing eye of acceptability. And to my surprise, she gave me a wink; she flew off singing back to me: I'm yours when ever you come around visiting.