Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm a Mosaic: piece.

Life is a mosaic: I was formed out of life; I'm a piece of life's mosaic. The beauty of being a mosaic is that each piece is hand made out of individual pieces, each with its own colorful history. I'm a beautiful handmade piece of life's mosaic. Now I'm not saying anything other than that each piece in life's mosaic is uniquely formed, yet maybe not socialized. For example, there are many divisions in science. My metaphor is the battle over "nurture and nature" when dealing with data. The child is forming in an environment of diminished returns. This small family of origin is very dysfunctional. Brain is in the dead zone, extraneous data out of a negative environment. How the fuck does the judicial system think that it can judge that which was not socialized. For example, my socialization was different from yours because I did not live your life, you did. You did not live my life; I did. This can be measured as the "differences between" against the "differences within." This data is clean. The Mosaic is beautiful; but  life fucking sucks. Another way of visualizing it is to think of life as the compost pile in your back yard; someday fresh life will form out of the morass. Yes! "this too will pass" has been and always will be part of my salvation. Today, I offer it up to you; please, even if you know and understand the word string, "...this too will pass." Revisit its possibilities now that you are "enlightened." If you are just one of the ''guys" then ask, who is it that occupies the generalized other. What is the context behind this engagement? Do I know how to interpret the language that I'm monitoring, hopefully listening. I think it is OK for the system to use its pieces, not abuse its pieces to conform to the laundry list of the judicial elites' elite friends. This judicial corruption only spawns the ever stench of the "rogue" prosecutor. She has a "yeast infection." There will be no sweet life forming out of that morass; that is for sure.