Friday, July 25, 2014

It's Mickey...M. O. U. S. E.

If you, as an individual, cannot be protected from the forces of
"evil," what other alternative do you have other than the court of public opinion? Right! Public opinion is too fickle to be counted on unless it is backed up by some good media "hype. "Now I'm not "good" media hype, so therefore, the fickle public has not formed any type of umbrella to protect my constitutional rights. There is the 14th amendment to the constitution which requires equality; all are equal under the law. This is not a true statement in my particular case, unless you are rooting for corruption across all domains without any rein on its range of culpability.
If you "could" accept the fact that people are corruptible- yes, maybe some are not corruptible on that which is critical to their belief system; but that does not mean that they hold your "self worth" to the same esteem as their own "self worth." For example, in the Middle East the organization Hamas, which controls Gaza, is using the people to protect the "military" resistance instead of the military protecting its "citizens." Shooting rockets from within the "civilian" population toward Israel, they refuse to allow their "citizens" to leave the war zone for safety. They do this because the men and women of Hamas are needed in this life whereas the civilian casualty will be rewarded in the next life for their death -if you buy that shit. Hamas needs their citizens to "die" to honor their cause; their need for war is exactly what they want because it gives them power over you- fickle and evil in its depth like the roots from the shrubs and trees holding the land back when the storm brings the rains. If you got rid of Hamas tomorrow the Palestinian authority would regain its credibility so that the people of Palestine could come to some sort of agreement which could allow time to defuse the situation which is holding Hamas strong. Yes, the root of the problem in the immediate future is Hamas because it does not recognize any border which is not Islam. Israel was a poorly thought out idea even if it had good intentions when it was formed out of the end of WWII. But it was always the failure of those who were in power of the Palestinian's destiny to settle the situation when they could. The cloud of Arafat is the cloud of the Middle East because it wants what it cannot have. Another way of looking at is through the eyes of Putin trying to regain the old territory of the USSR to Hamas trying to recapture the glory of the Ottomans. So, when you are the "individual," just a "fucking" pinon like me, or one of the "citizens" dying for the cause, be it Islam or democracy, the judiciary should not be clouded because "fair play" is critical. in South Carolina, for example, "fair play" is corrupted by the judiciary's evil cloud as Arafat clouds Hamas; it is corrupting the individual's right to equality under the law in favor of those who have power and prestige.