Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Torpedo or full steam ahead?

You need to be an "optimist" for the sake of your own "opportunities." Otherwise you are "off the table" when "life" comes around. Of course I believe this because I have never been able to get my "yesterdays" back after I squander their moments. Yes, that's right; you have to be willing to participate in the game of life or sit on the side lines and grow old. Life is rather like the theater - to get the best experience, you need to "suspend your disbelief" so that your creativity has a chance to find its potential expression. One of the greatest obstacles that you need to address is your ability to attract positive influences in your life. Because negativity will destroy creativity if you do not do due diligence. Yes, it is the negative force which is brought on by others because of jealousy from within your family of influence, or the competitive forces from the "grinding out of life," the meat grinder of competition. Also, you cannot take "competition" as a negative force because life cannot wait for you to make up your mind. Life is evolving at its pace; it is your responsibility to take the needed action so as to give your input traction; otherwise, life will spit you out like an inspector pulls a rejected item from the assembly line. Opportunity is not some thing which occurs in some vacuum of your making. Opportunity is the gas which comes from life's mulching process. You could say that it is life's action, meaning your commitment to being in this world, not the world of those who profess that life's meaning comes to you as a product of how well you detach your earthly life from some fantasy beyond the universe, heaven. Finally, if you are not in this world, the world of the living, please stop complaining about your lot in life. OK! There is an expression floating around which goes something like this, "you are with m' or against me" Yes, there is also "shit or get of the pot" because passing gas while you wait to do your "business" is just another way of expressing how well you have mastered the "speak" of procrastination.