Thursday, July 10, 2014


You do it without worrying about the consequences of your action. Yes! ...for some reason only known to you. For example, I have no "fucking" idea what is "right" or "wrong" at any given moment because I know that the judicial system is being corrupted by those "elites" in control of government. To me, the "elites" are just old time Fascists from another era of time. You know! -The Italian city states from days gone by, coupled with our prince, Machiavelli control freaks who use you as a "bit" in their world of hegemony. This I know because this is the meaning of "is." To you self best interest is the right way to make a decision about how you are going to respond around others, publicly as well as private. You couch this approach to others as benevolent as you can; Yet, your decisions do not allow for taking into consideration the extraneous others who live on the periphery side of your social sphere. Those who are outside of your social existentialistic life are suffering because of your personal action toward others. Let me put it this way: As a challenge: Did you listen to what was being said with an open mind so as to give the other an opportunity of being heard and understood? I cannot say that this is how I understand life to be. But I do not run around espousing the essence of "right and wrong" as you do. All that can be truly said is that "we all wish that we could be more acquainted we our own hedonistic byways and pathways," not just hearing about the ways of the ruling "elites."