Sunday, July 13, 2014

flailing "white" boy

"White Boy" is the name of the boat in front of the patio with the blue doors; this is where I'm living for the next three days. It's my deck because I'm paying the rent for this lovely one bedroom suite in the harbor on the island of Tortola, VI. But, It's not my boat - no keys. I'm waiting for my boat to come online so that I can go sailing, 51 footer. I'm white Irish from the streets of Boston, Ma. The prevailing winds ring out the symbols of symbolism: "a white boy up the river without a paddle," no keys. I do not drink alcohol unless I'm out of the country because I'm a felon with a target on my back. I'm also a political prisoner under the judiciary's umbrella. So, I'm sitting on this dock drinking "pain Killers" and thinking about the Islands that I'm about to visit. Also, I am running away from the poor "white boy" in my own remembrance, me. My only regret, I did not have any "ganja,"Mann. My thought sitting on the dock: Is "Harlem" unique in the sense that its essence is Black culture? It is a foolish question for a white boy to ask, you know. The power of the white boy to control the Black culture is tacit at best; it is not a white boy's place to think that there is synergy afoot because the black journey is their journey to unfurl. It is not the white boys to unfold because the white boy folded up the black culture through the criminal justice system and pressed in the creases that have been binding them from their first encounters out of slavery. In prison the black guys believed that theirs is a black culture in spite of the white boy. They have this expression: "once you go black, you never go back;" you see, it is the white boy who lacks culture in the eyes of the black culture. I remember this young white boy who was the wife of this black guy in prison. The white boy did not want to be a "cum dump" for his black husband, but that was his role to play in the "icicle garden," all that sweet white ice. Prison is the white answer to the distribution of wealth. The white culture has no heart; it has a corrupt judiciary who pander to the political elite. It is the white christian culture that mandates prison as a form of torture to keep its teaching intact, Christian redemption. But, by some strange chance, the judge who falsely imprison me was a black "uncle" tom. So yes, you can find "vipers" in any culture. It's just that I met more black inmates sentenced by white judges than white inmates sentenced by black judges. Yes!- that is because there are more whites in power and blacks in a prison of poverty; but fear not, the white boy is now joining the ranks of the oppressed; maybe the white he/she will now understand that the problem is universal in nature, sinking in the morass of inequality.