Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Shit" happens!

When I was attending the college of Charleston, I was living on Bennett St., one block from a small park blessed with the remains of one of Charleston's old libraries, with just the columns remaining to mark its time and place. 22 Bennett St. was an old boarding house with about 11rooms which could be combined to create rental situations, whatever I chose to do with it, to accommodate whoever came my way. I did not know that I was running an illegal boarding house until I took over the ownership of the business- the Vicky Lynn House, was going to be its name. You see, everything I did was wrong because I was doing it. Yes! I was the felon who could be "fucked" by the citizens of Charleston, SC. -fucked over by whoever chose to because it suited the moral decay of SC and their citizens. Believe me or not, it is your privilege to believe what you wish; but when you give the power to someone who is weak, as the judiciary is weak, you are giving the power to the forces of evil which someday is going to come back and bite you on your ass. Anyway, I was living right around the corner from the Ronald MacDonald house on Gadsden St. It is a place for temporary living to assist cancer survivors. A beautiful neighborhood to go crazy in; this is where, after 5years of torment, I attempted to commit suicide. Why? I was under a 5 year mandated mental health program that drove me to try to kill myself. Yes! The state of SC said that I needed to be reprogrammed back into society. I was to seek redemption; confess for my sins against humanity; the only problem was that I never committed the sin that I was being charged with. I would tell the therapist my "side" of the story; they said that I had to be delusional because the jury found me guilty; there was never any evidence presented to the jury other than that the "rogue" prosecutor screaming to the jury, "he is a "time share" salesman, what chance did she have". Yes! because, at one time in my life, I sold some time shares I was incapable of telling the truth; I was not human; therefore I had to be guilty. So, a "rogue jury and judge" sentenced me to be molested by the hands of the perverted souls behind bars. Plus, when I got out of jail the state of SC put a target on my back when they listed me as a child rapist. Yes! You can look me up, find out exactly where I live, so that if you are one of the demented souls from the community this is where your target is. It is the same in prison as it is out in the community, if you have to fuck and rape some poor son of a bitch this is who we recommend, signed SC. I know, we all have a tale of woe.