Thursday, July 31, 2014


So they say "low-T;" well I'm not sure that is the problem. Because I personally was never aggressive, stupid yes, but not aggressive. How about you; is your state of mind something that you control, or do you like so many others just go off the deep end when someone steps out of line -in your estimation- and ruffles your feathers without them even knowing that this slip on your part has occurred? Yes! if it is your mind, it is your slip. So please pick yourself up instead of tearing someone down. When you tear someone down all you are doing is showing how shallow your mind can be and therefore, expressing the depth of your insecurity. OK, maybe it is "low-insecurity," not "low-T." Whatever it is, it could be the root to that which has been bothering your sense of self. What do I mean? Remembering you are or "could" be a product of passive acceptance from your family, friends, neighborhood and your questionable education because if you have accepted all of the unprocessed interjections from the various influences in your life it might just be time to take the "garbage" out and dump it in the trash can. Now! How wonderful you "could" feel if all you had to do was accept people at face value. Unfortunately for you, this probably would only set you up to take the next tumble off of the old "idea" that the earth was flat; if you sailed out of your comfort zone you would simply fall off and tumble over the edge of existence. Well, you know - or maybe you don't - that it is really a waste of energy to passively accept the projections that you are fielding from those who do not know that their affect is on target. Shit, give yourself a break and use the bathroom instead of storing everything in the closet of your mind. Yes! just come out of the closet and enjoy the possibilities of life in a free and unencumbered manner. Chow!