Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Toasting: "Maggots all."

We are designed to consume each others affect; think about maggots eating away, all consuming on a pile of carcass laying out in front of you. Hold that image in your mind's eye so that I can use it as an example -metaphor.  All of these maggots are "demonstrating" the same behavior in the same manner that people consume the energy of others; to be a "people" is to be consumed while consuming too. DNA! It's coded in the egg that hatched. My nickname could be "hatch;" this is true for you as well because you too are one of the hatched eggs. You -like the maggots- are consuming the carcass of life -life's carcass. I think that you could benefit from the metaphor if efficiency is part of life's solution. May I say, "What is more efficient than a colony of maggots." I bet you -dime to dollar- that you would like to have a little bit of that "efficiency" in your life as well; but then you would have to give up your mind. We both know that you lost control of that a long time ago. Right! I suggest that you take control of your mind; editing it is the best way to keep it efficient. For example, if the Devil comes along an offers to make a trade with you: Your "soul" for the winning ticket in Power Ball; life's largest payout. OK! this might look like a good deal but what if the devil cheated you and gave you what he knew that you could not handle because you had already lost control of your mind. Now! the devil will want to control your mind too; if it is lost, the Devil will make you pay. Because then, as punishment, you become one of life's maggots. Think of it this way: you are one of 2000 inmates living 2 to 3 per cell; all wearing the same costume, yet each occupying its own physical form; they are in their cell grinding off of the carcass of time. They tend to their needs -mental and physical- in the space of their cell mate's waste -from their shared open toilet in the cell. Their beta waves are burning red. Side Bar: Some have said that it is a black man's duty to make a white man his wife. Some kind of visual could morph out of that, white on black -maggots on a dead soul's carcass. Now, to tell you the truth, I was in a situation where I was the only naked white boy in the middle of a pack of black guys, I felt their toasting as the guard slowly processed us through his vindictive nature. You could see his sexual arousal getting larger as he squirmed the black guys around my body; their genitals bouncing. Yes! This is what society does each and every day as it bumps and grinds its perverted hips like the strip tease artist did in the day's of vaudeville's burlesque.