Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Shine on harvest moon...."

To my friends, I say "may yesterday's dream be tomorrow's memory." Yes! this means that I hope that the actions that you put in place reach their fruition in the morning. To you I say:Your wish is granted, be it a day of "hooky from school," or what ever else you desire, enjoy. Now! Please! When you wake up from slumber "remember" yesterday was joyous, let the residue flow over into a life of tomorrows. You see, you did not allow yourself to get in the way of your potential yesterday. Yes! You can walk on the "wild side" so that you "could" have a "tale" to tell. Tell it as if it were a dream, no liability that way. You do not want to worry about litigation. You know that gossip rules; time allows you to allow others to embellish their memory of the tale that you had to tell. Your point of view so full of holes is now being served up as Swiss cheese. Maybe some day you will grant me my memory of joyous devilry. Like removing me from the registry of sex offenders because the judge and the jury colluded with the powers to be to send me "up the river without a paddle," no way to protect my to sanity, never mind my ass. But, just like when I went up for a Parole, it was denied because of "political" positions taken by the state due to its corrupt past handling of my case. The SC supreme court turned down my post conviction release partly because it is lawless in its way of interpreting the letter of the law unless it is being vindictive for the benefit of the judiciary's elite associates, social class. But it might be on the horizon, my wish, because the SC Supreme court just ruled that there is cause to remove someone from the registry: I wonder if being innocent of the allegations will help me even though I am not from their same social class.