Monday, July 28, 2014


When you do a certain action over time, you become immune to that action. It's familiar, second nature. Therefore, if you are not careful, when you move into a new situation your familiar action could lead to unwanted consequences because you did not take into consideration the effect of your action on the peripheral terrain. Remember what Machiavelli said about your adversary's terrain: "...know it intimately before you attack...." Each time you interact with the public is an opportunity for growth, person to person. These first moments can be critical if you are wishing for a "win win situation." You want to follow the lead not the leader, listen to the "idea" fully before considering a "decision." Because if a decision means that you are cutting yourself off, if you are closed to the "idea," before you gave it a chance it will be like the dominoes falling after the first one falls unfurling its action from beginning to end, continuous; this is the same as on the hill lock of a cell, the lock holds until put into action from hill lock to hill lock until completion. But instead, you "could" nurture patience with others so that you can attain understanding. This understanding will give you a more meaningful experience when you engage with people. It could be an "opening on emotion" tethered to a "closing on silence" giving you a balanced sense of worth. You "could" think about it as being "harvested," so that you "could" be consumed; of course that "should" be the object of the exercise. Also, think Commerce where you are the "widget" out and about looking for your market share. As you know, you need to make yourself available for the "hook-up;" how else is there a coupling?