Sunday, July 6, 2014

Convergence: my pieces.

Yes! I can be whatever you want me to be; but I cannot be what I want to be unless you leave me alone to experience life's richness, to attain the possibilities within my reach, maybe beyond? So, please attend to your own garden. Leave my fucking garden alone. I do not understand your dream for me. Your dream for me is somewhat like the dream you have for the Middle East; see how they too do not understand what motivates the  resolve that you are proposing. Your fucking Christian crusade to conquer the holy lands again for some "fairy" tale that you choose to believe in. Anyway! When you leave "nature" alone there is evolution - The evolution of the Middle East since the fall of the Ottoman Empire has only fermented discourse which at best is guttural because of outside influences such as when the Pope call for Sunday to be elevated back to the Blue Laws of yesterday's dogma. Fuck! The Atheists are into Friday; maybe the Islamic are into Saturday; the meat grinder of life want all the rest. The U.S. is an unbelievable opportunity for anyone. What right does anyone have to deny or restrict another their opportunities for a joyous life. The "social contract" is fucking leaning over as the tower of Pisa leans; this is a perilous way to exercise power when the topic of conversation is judicial squirreling around political posturing, on C-span. This topic is "the 4th of July weekend's" "rallying cry" for "Social Justice," not religious funneling into the hamburger of judicial shit. The moral elites are preying on your carcass. Watch and see how the "tea party" denies you a working government because it suits their purposes regardless of the fact that they are holding a position which is funded because they are supposed to enter into discussion with an open mind; they are dilettantes.