Thursday, July 31, 2014

Does It "matter" ?

Me too! It does not "matter" to me whether you care about it or not; I'm only interested in the "matter" of whether or not you understand it- therefore willing to accept "culpability" to it. Being responsible for not paying attention to what others are saying in your name. You are "John Q. public." So I ask you: if you find yourself in a "situation" where you have to judge something in abstention, how will you deconstruct your "point of view" to be the judge? Why will you "matter" if you never payed attention to the potential causalities brought through your behavior. "Judge not, be you judged" is not an acceptable way to pass through life; however, it is an "enjoyable" way to pass through life. Because when you see how others have failed, you know that you can do better; therefore, you too commit the "sin." But, you never understood the fallacy behind believing in this "matter." What am I saying to you? This "matters" only if you care to pay attention. For example, Cecelia just left the house to walk home; she can no longer be seen. She lives about half a mile away. It starts to rain; you think it feels like it might rain; it might not really be ready to rain so does it "matter" if you jump in the car or not so that you can make sure she does not get rained on? Will she get home before it really starts to rain? Maybe she likes the rain; maybe she feels that it's an enjoyable feeling to walk in a light shower of rain; it is refreshing. So, worry not because it is not you who will feel the pleasing moment to enjoy being rained upon. Also, Cecelia is an old "broad" who knows how to take care of herself; she might be taken back with your attitude of needing to save Cecelia. You see, this is how I see it, if I can see it from my house it matters; otherwise, it may, or it may not "matter."