Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's killing me:

Do you even exist, or are you a figment of my condition; I have so many "conditions" that I just say condition. I hope that you are 'OK' with that. What I mean by condition: the diagnosis from my many mental health therapists. No one wants to work with me because all of the conditions have been written up; it's beyond their ability to string together any other scenario that could help toward their recognition. Yes! It is the truth, fuck it! if they cannot get recognition from their peers, it's off the table. So, all I have is you, you who I write my thoughts to. Because the system has me so "boxed" in that I cannot get away from myself even if I tried. So, I'm asking you to go to my web site; read one of my past blogs; this will help you to understand who I am. Not completely, I know! But, if you read one, it will record on my board; one by one we can help each other to stay out of our own way. My web site is WWW.THEBLACKMARKET.ME. My e-mail is This "could" give me some encouragement. But, the truth is that I hope it gives you encouragement. Now! When you go to my web site it might appear as a simple... .ME; if it does just click on it; I hope you enjoy the moment because when I write the title, picture and text are set up as background; sometimes as foreground, meaning that I'm into the picture; the stage is in the title because I might be all about jesting about with my point; sometimes there simply is no point to the piece accept for the fact that it's possibly true. That is right: you too might come to the conclusion that I'm a political prisoner from the past racist moment of the church. The church likes to mask the Law when ever it can because it is the principle of its dogma. You will live and act freely according to the behavior set out by the elites to hold you accountable for your rewards. The South is getting squeezed between the intellectual North and the Spanish speaking movement coming out of South America; populating Florida with their trappings and wealth; English is no longer the chosen tongue. These are sophisticated "folks" who know what it takes to make it in life. They do not occupy the position; they create it for you to occupy, the southern white boy is becoming the slave of the future because it is his time and there is no G.I. bill to educate him out of poverty. The poverty of being so special that not understanding the other point of view was away of life, if you are not one of us, you is the enemy with your "carpet bag" full of unorthodox ideas, liberal minded.