Friday, July 25, 2014


Dressing for success is a truism; it is also true, that just because you are dressed does not mean that you are ready for it. When your dress is appropriate: You are appropriately dressed for the occasion - well then you are ready for success. It is being a member of the whole;what counts is participating as an equal member; if this is dissolved for false cause, the constitution needs to be called in to facilitate justice under the law, not under the church. Now, as for myself, I was never ready for success; but I was ready for the lessons that I learned from my failures. Yes, there were many failures throughout my whole entrepreneurial life style. But I was not a failure before I was drafted in the arms service, serving four years in the Air Force -1964/68. For example, I was the personal assistant to Norman W. Farley when I was drafted. I was responsible for adjusting his financial ledger on a daily basis.  Norman owned the Meadow's Night Club just west of Boston. He ran all of his businesses from his suite of offices out of the upstairs on the top level. He called me "brain child" because I could slice and dice is "books" but had a hard time grasping his office protocol, I let the different departments run over me, like Jack the night bar tender. The ladies all love him, he could do no wrong. I was also attending Bentley College majoring in accounting. I never finished because I got drafted.  Before Bentley I lived on Beacon Hill in Boston and majored in Philosophy at Suffolk U.  and malingered in the combat zone. From Boston's red light district you could be with some of the best jazz to jazz to those "titty" bar -on every corner: elucidating the soul of any willing player who wishes to be fleeced. You will be smiling during the whole ordeal of being pleasured, Boston style. In the "zone" it is said to be undressed is ready for success. Yes, the city guys were legal, the ones that could drink legally because they were over 21; I was not, so I was illegal, underage drinking. Some of them dressed in suits and ties. Sometimes I would hustle them on the pool table because I knew that they thought that I was a kid over his head; it never hurts to let someone think that they are in control because it is the best way to get them to do what you want. Work their "ego" and it will feed you because they were "suits." The young and old guard in Boston drinking from the same trough all dressed appropriately for their working world's agenda, from "suits" to construction worker all elbowing up to the same bar rail ogling the "strippers" stripping. Yes! I knew that I wanted to be a "suit" but I was still in high school selling shoes to the women who came into the shoe department that I was working in when I worked the Boston show room for Sheff Shoe Company.