Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fuck -up's

Let's face it; God is dead. Or, maybe God never existed. We know this because the judiciary is alive; they are the most likely villains that came up with this urban legend, anyway. Let's face the fact that no one ever introduced us to anyone remotely related to anyone who ever meet this power behind the third wave of the ocean's awakening - You know, the parting of the Red Sea. But we have all met someone who has been fucked over by the judiciary and their apostles. Let's call a spade a spade when it is a spade that life offers you to dig your way out of the shit house offerings from the judiciary's courtliness ways. Yes, the Court's apostles are false witness against the natural order of life's happiest opportunities, sex, drugs and rock & roll. I'm sorry. I'm just reminiscing about what could have been if the fucking naysayers of life stayed in their bathroom stalls and masturbated away their life's wishes. For example, James, the brother of Jesus, could not write; therefore, after his 33 year reign fell by the road side in the usual way of litter as seen along side the roadway traversing your community. Whereas Paul, the one shunned by James, could write and his 11 letters are the staples to the elite's legend of their 'god.' It's always that way. The judiciary comes out of the written word; Paul came out of the Rome's elite. I really do hope that you can put together 2 & 2 and not "cum" all over yourself. Yes! The only thing that seems to matter in the judicial world of fornication is 4play. For example, on the golf course where the elite play, they always scream out "4" when they shoot of their sperm like white pall aiming for the hole on the green.