Thursday, December 15, 2016


the unattainable "lie"...lies at my feet in the form of a gracious dock's presence in my visual cortex. So! If I cannot attain it what do I do to attenuate it. My neighbor has a dock on the Ashley river; it cuts my view of the landing place of the town's heritage. Yes! I love the view -dock or no dock- but I want to covet my neighbor's dock like a man covets his desire, visiting daily if I could  onto its deck, viewing its view. It's a marvelous view. Yet, I know that if I knew the secret ( there is always a secret) - I would have my knowing that I was forgiven for the stench of much fury upon me because of a devious sense of privilege, class. It's the Southern way or the highway. It's their way of interpreting the constitution. It's out to repeal the reconstruction construct laid upon it after the Civil war between the North and the South. For, as you can see, as far as the South is concerned, the North never did understand the intricacy of Class. For example, there is an expression out & about in society today that goes something like this: ..."I can not see it from my house" a response to the dilemma at hand.  Self best interest is flourishing in the Southern mind set. Yes! as said by Updike, "you can't get there from here." Its there form of class war fare: if you are a felon then you deserve to be treated as a felon like the South thought it was being treated; you know, like because they lost the war, they were shunned as felons too.  


Tuesday, October 4, 2016


We all want what we want when we want it, Right! I like to express it this way: It's its it. Another way of expressing it: ...imagine if you will "Tacking" a picture of your dream on the mirror that you use at home. Yes! The real you; tacitly exposing your emotions, waiting for the perfect moment to expose your commitment to being measured by others, competition.  I say get over it; pass the gas that simmers within, live for whoever you are that day. Yes! So if you -tack on it- you get tacit approval from the generalized others. Now there is no guilt when dealing with others because each of us is into one's  -self best interest. If you seize  the idea; it evolves in real time because that is when others in the market place start to mimic your style as if it were their style at the onset.  They're ready, willing, and able to replicate this action, getting in on the ground floor, so- to -speak. Sidebar: I'm thinking about the word -tacit, implied but not apparent.  You are looking into the bathroom mirror gazing on the picture of your dream. Now! If I were the genie with the gifts; do you believe that you could occupy that space if your dream came true today?  for example,  could you walk into "Wally's world" dressed to a T. suspending your disbelief in inequality. Maybe you could change the "picture" on the mirror for one more suitable in its reality.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

...point of view...

 I think of Shakespeare as a metaphor to my "Memoir," which is unfurling on today's stage. My blog: ...the black This is where I tell my side of the story of my life, from my point of view. I'm the kid who shined shoes at the corner barber shop. Ran groceries at the A&P on moody street. It's no longer there. Eaten up by eCommerce's  way of capitalizing its range & domain over food production; for, the world's stage of consumption.  This is me in all of my complicity offering up to you my opinion about life in my "world." Yes! For sure! You too are just as unique as I am; that is to say, you bring to the table those experiences you encountered with others, like yourself; realizing that they too are different. We are all different, but as said by one of the Masters,"...yet part of the man is an Island unto himself...." For example, I feel compassion for the Don in Narco. He did what he did because he was formatted as is said. His lessons in life came out of poverty. His socialization propelled him out of poverty, financial poverty; not social poverty. You can -if you tried too- see it through his -point of view. Rules of the road or street, it's your willingness to surrender your disbelief; this is said by mentors to the Arts. You Know! enjoy the movie as a willing participant, not as a critic. Remembering a toxic home in a toxic environment creates toxicity. Pablo was a product of poverty. It taught him how to survive and progress because he was one of them; he was a product of the elite's; they ruled with a police state attitude; it directed his actions in-turn this education, O.J.T on the job training. he got their version of Ragan's "trickle down  hypothesis." eCommerce the Colombian way. this is where he clashed, not fit in with the elites. Side bar: it was the 'consumers' of his services which governed his entrepreneurial dreams of being a Colombian Don.  Pablo's cocaine. As you know, guns do not kill, people kill.           

Thursday, September 15, 2016

...No ...fear...!

Let's learn a lesson about size: in nature, it's always readiness. Size is in the 'eye' of fear; but if you open up your ears and listen, you will find that the 4F's cast a much wider range. For finding, feeling, frolicking & forgetting is a way of communicating among the inhabitants of the forest, its fauna. Now! The Donald, according to the Cuban: His size is small all over accept in adulation of self. There he is -off the charts- according to Rubio. This is why the inhabitants in his forest are thronging over him like it's their first beer of the day. His "light" reads "walk- with -light" just like the light on the corner guiding you away from the oncoming traffic.  Yet the Donald's charm only rings true on the top of the 'food chain.' Therein lies the conundrum; for Donald flies with the eagles; you are his prey.  As for me, and this little 'guy' in the photo- he was sunning & I was taking his picture in my backyard this morning. Now some mornings it's a rattler out & about in the yard. Yes! rattle snake or maybe a copper head or two wanting to have their way with me. You know, you have to listen for its tail to start shaking out its warning to strike. Now, listen for The Donald's 'tail', not his tale of making America great again; but he will take a bite out of your destiny so that he can dance with Putin on the World's stage of titans, oligarchs & eCommerce.          

Monday, September 12, 2016


Some of us are always looking for redemption. Well: This is my redemption, my new "stage" upon which I will try to understand why I do not understand. Yes! Psychobabble for sure because the idea always comes first: My new deck, the one in the photo. This is where I will sit in remembrance. First off, let me tell you that it was Pappy's expertise guiding those (21)twenty one working hours to   just finish building this deck; offering it up in honor of the master, Shakespeare's mind set, "...all the world is a stage..." yes! This is a stage of 'happiness' for those who visit Butterfly's Retreat. Sitting there listening to the brook as it passes through the trees, making magical notes to assure their stay is a pleasant one. OK! I know that the deck hasn't been trimmed out. Because there is a guest in occupancy. Right! Someone is visiting at Butterfly's Retreat; so when they leave, Pappy and yours truly will trim out the stage, dress the deck. For sure! I promise. Now! The decorations will be up to Butterfly; these she will undoubtedly be using for some thing esoteric in nature, or maybe nurture, sort of ways. I do believe though that I'm most likely going to use rope to intertwine the seven(7) standing posts surrounding the deck. But I have not decided how. For example, I could bore a hole through the post, string the rope through the hole in the post to the next post's hole, on and on through the seven(7) posts; or maybe forge some rode-iron fixtures with eyelets to cap the poles; therefore allowing the rope to go through the cap's eyelet from hole to hole as the story goes..."as, has been said, "any old port in the storm." Let me explain, my wish for you is love & a mind full of imagination; maybe with a little bit of mischief on the side, who knows how this is to unfurl in the future of tomorrow's tomorrow. As for today, I'm baptizing my deck, its stage, in the adage of "may yesterday's dream be tomorrow's memory" because your visit was appreciated by those who were surrounding you.      

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

...Up or Down Tomorow's staircase?

 You & me are both tethered to the oar as was the slave in the day's of Roman battle ships unfurling along the Mediterranean, ground zero. Rome. Yes! The new Rome is eCommerce and her winds can be felt in the same game of Banking. It's all about banking today as it was all about oil yesterday, "may Yesterday's dream be Tomorrow's memory." Another way of looking at is through Mussolini's eyes. The commander of Rome's place on the Mediterranean. He took all the land & people of Italy' s Rome, Freeing the church. The church got the right to be an independent Actor on the World's stage. The church therefore became the independent country on the Mediterranean offering off shore banking to eCommerce, Roman style. Side Bar: When the church of Rome was opened up by Pope Francis it was revealed that the church had learned how to leverage its assets by owning more than 11,000 rental properties in London England. The church took back more than Henry VIII took from the Church during his rein; Yes! It's all tax free too. You can believe this or not, but the Wealth of the USA is also passed tax free through Family Trusts, all brought about by eCommerce influencing government by paying off its representatives through influencing their vote on matters which affect eCommerce's confluence through out society's mad need to consume eCommerce, consumption. This is what we eat on a daily basses. So! Please.  Now! you need to pay attention to the political conditions that are in play today between Trump, Rome's transplant and Hillary's convergence in society.   Think of it this way: the population as a whole has a government to which they acquiesce. Their acquiescence is to the Constitution which is a set of laws to govern the people. This government has three branches: president, judicial, congress. eCommerce is outside of government. Government needs eCommerce to stay afloat; this is through legislation. Don't confuse the two, government has compassion, morality- where eCommerce is soulless as it should be because good business is where it is a win-win deal for the participants involved. Good business is never a one time thing. Politics is always played out locally. eCommerce is also the funding machine behind D.C. politics as it was in the day's of Rome. Bottom line: Tax eCommerce and deposit it into the local bank where it can be used to leverage up its citizens so as to establish a base for future generations.              

Monday, August 8, 2016

...your choice...!

The town I came out of had a bank that could not lend money outside of its local range & domain. Now! Today the bank in my town has nothing in common with any specific range or domain because it can distribute its resources wherever it feels it is safe to do so. For example, in the old days of banking, before Washington was bought off by major industry, if I deposited money in the local bank then someone else from my community could leverage themselves by using my deposit, investing in the community as a whole. But! Today when I deposit that money in the bank someone from outside of my community could leverage it, leaving my community empty handed. This is why the elite 1% of the USA is controlling 99% of the wealth of the USA. It is unhealthy for the community as a whole to have such a disparity in its wealth because democracy depends upon its citizens sharing in its future; otherwise, it is going to turn in on itself, imploding to where the masses will rise and rebel. This would be primitive. Sidebar: Please allow the idea to take hold before you shun it. OK! Hillary is the local bank in the USA political community; this is your political community. She is the depository of the last 30 years in your political community. So, if you turn her into the local bank she will know how to deal with your needs, you being the elected official representing the community in Washington. Other wise, you can turn the Donald into the community's local bank; but unfortunately no one has been depositing their concerns into Donald's bank for the past 30 years. Donald does not know the "locals" because he has been everywhere else in the universe developing his wealth. Yes! He has a wealth of dollars in his bank; yet, none of it came from one of your deposits. Whereas, Hillary has a history of depositing social programs into your local bank so that you could capitalize upon it. She knows the back waters which oscillate & undulate throughout Washington. Anyway, it is said that all politics is local. Till the Bank known as Hillary and watch your garden grow.  Yes! I stole the idea from Candide, where it ends with "tending one's own garden."  The local bank is the way to go if you want the larger community to be played upon as a level playing field.

Sunday, August 7, 2016 to interpretation...!

It's your "high" so enjoy it. Stop using up time as if it were infinite. Remembrance:"the thought must come first:" "I think, therefore I am" the way it was proposed during the European Enlightenment of 18th century or there about. OK! Today we are in the -slicer & dicer- because we allowed the wealth of today, yesterday & tomorrow to pass from one generation to the next generation without paying any tax on it.Yes! This is why the top .oo1% of your population has all of the wealth in the USA.  For example, if you gave the Inheritance Trust"s derivatives enough time to abate their shock, so that the economy will not suffer extreme upheaval, the economy could solve the future imbalance between the various class distinctions in today's society. This construct could, if give validity by way of "political" adaptation, pass on the American dream to the future children coming out of a new and invigorated school system as was seen in my generation because of the G.I. Bill. Education was in every household because the veterans were returning home from the war, WWII. Parents were learning right along with their children. The returning vets had a future because the war was over there; it was not here, USA. The US economy was booming because Europe had devastated itself with two wars -1917 until 1945; it needed everything that we could manufacture. Now! IT is different today. China, Russia, & Iran are forming a new "trilateral commission" dedicated to banking and free commerce outside of USA influence. India, Australia, Japan and maybe the USA are looking at forming their own union to help save their way of eCommerce. But the USA has political problems; it is made up of a society which in being torn apart as if it were forming a caste system as once seen in the old  world. Sort of like SC and its old world Aristocracy. The worst school system in the USA. In my world we thought that we were in the center of our universe; whereas you and your future are seeming to be in the outskirts looking in, instead of echos of the past.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

...the corner.

Bert came onto my stage in the shoe department of one of Moody Street's upscale department stores when I was an aspiring -ass hole. I had been selling 'shoes' out of the place for two years during high school days. Anyway, he looked like he just stepped out of the doll-house, perfect countenance.  He was in from the home office. One of their rising stars. I did not know it at that time, but Bert was looking for me; he needed to mentor the employees from my shoe department, meaning me. What an education! Bert would walk around the department store learning the names off those who worked in different departments. He took me along for the ride. I was just the guy from the shoe department; i had no power, valueless, but they started looking at me differently, like I was a somebody in the shoe department. Bert was grooming me for the Boston office. Pure, like a miracle. Emulating Bert was like being the "orgasm" of many dreams. For example, Bert set it up so that I would be the fill-in department store manager for all of the stores in Bert's sector. So when the regular shoe department manager went on their summer vacation, I would open and close their shoe department; this took me to all parts of the state, each week a new set of shoes to sell to a different segment of the states' population. I did the shoe department's inventory,  made adjustments and cleaned up the mis-shelved shoes. I was learning how to recognize the differences between the different sections of the state. This was how I learned to run a distribution. To prove my point, when drafted into the military, I was assigned to be the distributor for one of the distributions points in the Middle East, 1964/65. Bert filled me with promise; I'm so grateful. But! Not everyone saw Bert as I did. The old guy in the men's department of the department store believed that Bert was just too good to be a "guy." Therefore Bert was gay. Anyway, Bert took  me into the men's department; he was buying a sweater and wanted to know my take on it. We are talking top of the line; he wants my opinion; my feet are off the ground; I'm flouting. The old man gives me a wink. That was the first sweater I ever stole; because the old man is the first one out the door at closing; that's when I went into the men's department, picked up a sweater like the one Bert bought, put it in a bag and walked it into the shoe department, leaving it there over night. Now. Bert wore the sweater he bought each day he was there, as one might wear a smock while working. When Bert left, I put on my sweater; the one that I swiped from the men's department -the old guy in the men's department started looking at me in a funny sort of way, like he new what my "secret" was all about. All I can say is, knowing Bert was like being processed through a 'finishing school,' a prep-school's socialization. Now! I also worked across the street from the department store when I was younger. I worked on all three corners doing different things in each of those businesses. That's for another time.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Moody Street

Moody Street, where I grew up, was my school. In my era, being born in 1942, the public school system in those days did not believe in wasting their resources on the Irish Catholic out of Waltham, Mass. Yes, it's true when I say that I received my diploma in 1961; but if the truth be told, they never tested me because I was listed in their system for social promotion. So I had to take a summer course in English that year. The school's principal called me into his office and explained my situation; I was behind the 8ball. So he enrolled me in Newman Preparatory, located in Boston, Mass which would determine weather or not I could graduate from High School.  It was a wake up call. So, when I say: It's a Moody street "high," it's because Moody Street is where I learned the most.  I worked as stock boy in several of the major stores on the street, sold shoes, tended their stock room and made ready the replenishment's because they were sold to a deserving soul so that she could walk among her peers in Ladies' shoes.
I also worked the fountain at the local pharmacy and diner. So I got to fill the "brown bag" on Sunday mornings for the liquor prescription which doctors were prescribing for the local drunks. Right next to the "brown bags," I stacked the local Sunday papers. Yes! All the liquor stores were closed on Sundays when I was working on Moody Street. I started working under the table, meaning there was book keeping, as in double entry. But! The day that I turned 12 years old I could get a work permit which allowed me to do anything that I wished to do. I worked all over Moody Street, up one side and down the other. You teach yourself how to  read because you had to account for your actions. I started shining shoes at my grandfather's barber shop when I was 5 years old. Next store I did part time in the cobbler shop if someone wanted their newly repaired shoes shined by old Mr. Joyce. He was my neighbor just two streets over on Newton & Alder streets. I lived on the corner of Newton & Myrtle streets. They were one block apart going toward High street where his shoe shop repair business was located. Also! It was next door to my grandfather's barber shop. My grandfather didn't own the barber shop; he was the head barber until the day he died. He left the shop one day, they say, on a real good old boy's high - picking up his evening supply of cold beer at the liquor store on the corner of Newton & High streets. He was heading up Newton street, turning on Myrtle street because he lived right next door to where I lived on the corner. Yes! My grandfather dropped dead as he approached his own meager castle for reposing with a cold bottle of beer. Yes! I grew up on the seedy-side-of-the-street, picking up the change discarded because I looked needy. Now let me put it another way: My mother could squeeze a dime out of a penny because she was from the streets too. She was a ward of the state because she was given up for adoption as a new born but she was never adopted. The country was in a depression and she was Irish Catholic. Need I say more? Now! My then wife, circa 1966 Paris, who ran off with my brother in 1969, could squeeze a penny out of a dime if she were lucky. I learned how to slice and dice the dollar -before I could ride my bicycle. Fractions! This is how you learn to barter on a cold winter's day when someone wants their steps or driveway shoveled because of the snow accumulation. On a good snow day I could pick up at least a c-not, $100.00 dollars. I skipped school ever snow day. No one cared; I was Irish Catholic whose mother was being treated with shock treatment at the state's mental hospital. So the best thing that ever happened to me was going to summer school my senior year.  The wake up call did me good.
Well! Maybe meeting Bert, when I was selling shoes for one of the leading department stores on Moody Street, was also a mind altering experience. I'll tell you about Bert on another occasion because he gave me respect. Everybody else wanted to use me or my body. Bert wanted to use my mind. I loved Bert.     

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Help!...listen to the Beatles....

Life is an opening up experience; so listen to the beat of your soul; it is how you displace your self among others. But if you are being controlled by sources out side of your reach, where you have to abide to the terms of these sources which you have no control over. Second Class: that is you. you dine on the crumbs made up of your dreams because you are not allowed into the game. And! If they lose their way as they trickle, twirl, swirl their way through life's resources, you have to clean up the mess with your unappreciated labor. You Know! They must have a parachute because they are in the game of 'life' and you are not one of them. For example, there was a time when white man ruled the market place of ideas, their women were their secretaries. Yet! today, those same women are running their own pathways; leaving their males to catch up with their feminine side of understanding. It's a new world order. Only! You are not allowed to 'vote' because you are second class. Like! You may be a 'felon,' therefore, disenfranchised! Because you are a felon, the labor market shuns you. Yes, you are being punished for being born. Otherwise, the 'society' would have to take some of the responsibilities behind making you a felon. Life is the crime of opportunity- where someone was not taking care of his own assets; leaving them unattended, so that others can avail themselves to that which is available because it was not tethered. OK! But it does bring up a very hollow sound when the bell tolls for thee. You know, as well as I, that they know, that you are not part of the main; you are the second class citizen who gets to refute John Dunn's Meditation 17  when you declare that there is no evidence in your life to support his idea that, "no man is an island unto himself, yet part of the main. Bull shit! Right! you are a felon. society is closed to you. You are a member of one of the fastest growing population in the United States. You are a member of the Criminal Justice system.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Echos from my youth, face to face with you again; only, now I'm 74, just hearing its failure to resonate. You are there, as I am here ... my imagination drifts back in time...when I was there too, so many years ago.  Back in the 60's when I was living in Paris, France.  I know that you can walk the streets that I walked; shop in the stores, dine on the corner of the many streets offering up for your palate and pleasures. Yes! You anchor the Echo that I'm passing through now- this moment in time. You mentioned Africa as a place of transcendence. My wife has that same feeling about Africa; she wants to expose me to its influence so that I too will be able to see the journey from which life's spore blossomed. Some day, I too will be free from the realities of truth. This is why I enjoyed your karma coming out of our contact. I know that it is easy to miss the flow of karma when you are 31 years old just blossoming in life's fertile presence. When I was 31, I was under the ether of Boston's in -crowd. That is to say...everything is going down within the in crowd; it's a college town. It's a small town if you are down with the in -crowd. I was drafted into military service in 1963. picked up a year of high security in Pakistan where the echos are still screaming because I was so unconscious. Believe it or not but I was considered a god by some of the inhabitants even though the government had me under surveillance because it thought that I was being unduly influenced by the tribal elites within the Pakistan military. I was just having fun -my kind of fun- not high security fun allowed within Peshawar, Pakistan. Anyway! I was tooling around the streets of Paris in 1966 with my new M.G. sports model. Yes! This is where you are now. This is what I'm enjoying about you. Like an explorer planting the county's flag. You can be what I foolishly disregarded; you can be alive, conscious. Whether we connect or not in the future... today's memory is mine... tomorrow's memory is yours unless you give it to someone like me to cherish. "May yesterday's dream be tomorrow's memory" Today's echo is forming now -enjoy the day's echo.


Monday, February 1, 2016

"...lily white prejudice...."

I was listening to the 'Donald', the other day, on the evening news hour. He said that "if you are being unfairly treated" that you have to fight back; so, if you are a 'felon' who is not being treated fairly, how do you fight back when there is no structure for that purpose? Yes, it is a 'labor' issue just like the one Obama signed into law the other day about equity in pay for women in the workforce.  Now! Let's set the stage this time to unfurl three ideas: expectation, interest, & knowledge. As for the 'felon', asking the 'Donald' :" I'm being mistreated on a regular basis for simply being a 'felon'; so, how do I walk away from life's debate about the 'issues' which affect me; like you walking away from the presidential debate in Iowa.  Sidebar: a play with three acts. In act one, we learn to understand that there is very little 'expectation' on the part of the 'felon' as to his/her voice being heard. Act two fails because the 'felon' loses 'interest' in being part of the integrated whole and drifts into a snow bank of lily white prejudices trampling dreams into slush. Yes! Act three also fails to support those lily white prejudices from the caucus goer's old assumptions; therefore, the 'felon's' pathway is to adjust to the male adaptive habits to survive where the confluence of hope fractures, leading toward recidivism to the system of the lily white prejudices, prison. Now! How about it, 'Donald': I say that it is a labor issue; it should be addressed as such. Therefore, The Icicle Garden is looking into forming a labor union which will help to get the felon par with the Economy's social potential to survive. If you cannot participate because of a label like 'felon' than you are denied the experiences to attain the knowledge through participating in the process, participation. There needs to be a solution like a labor union because there is no due process under the laws of those lily white prejudices.  

Thursday, January 21, 2016


I never knew the basic truth. It is a 'fallacy' of logic to use the consequences of an action as evidence for the antecedent of the equivalent future action. I did not know about what was going on. It's not like, as in the song, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones has got a thing going on....; I was simply reacting to the circumstances at hand; I was never the 'star' because I only played the part as circumstances played out. Now! It could be that those old assumptions took on a life of their own when I was out & about, doing the town as they say. You Know! Like King Sisyphus's stone, my stone keeps falling back down to the bottom, grounded in those old assumptions about life. So I think about how the old king who ruled over all still ended up for as hamburger for supper's dining. Yet again, I dug in, put my nose to those old assumptions -my grinding stone. Up the hill I go, like the old king,  failing to realize that maybe what I never knew about what was going on" was based in those F***ing old assumptions. OK! YES!  Maybe it is time to discern those previously undiscerned patterns about my 'stone.' How about your 'stone'? You know, maybe you should treat it like a meal that you are going to prepare for. You touch it; you taste it; you tap it so to listen to its resiliency, freshness. You pick it up, toss it around in your senses, toying with it. Now! You take it home trickling it, twirling it, swirling it, discovering the pleasure you can get sharing it with others, each savoring in the 'haul' from life's market place. Please! Explore your options, you do not have to have 'pizza' for dinner simply because it is Wednesday night. Fuck! Pizza is only a second hand emotion off of one of those stoned old assumptions that are always getting in your way, like prejudice for a stone cooked 'pizza'. So that you can still battle the battle of the waist band on your pajamas.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"...It's only a paper moon..."

I have an attitude about myself - as if I had read the story of my life out of a book; like a third party. You, on the other hand, have all of your 'wits about you.' The stream running between our differences stems from my prison experiences followed up by probation experiences that caused me to have a mental breakdown -mental mishap. I attempted to kill myself because my living space was so toxic. For example, the state put me on the 'hit list' when it first came out; At that time, I was on probation, living in Charleston, S.C. 29401. Sidebar: Just last year or maybe a year and a half ago, some dude decided to kill people who were on the 'hit list' in S.C. I live in South Carolina; he killed his first choice; it could have very easily been me. He was caught on his second intended kill; it failed; but it could have been very easily me, again. Now! I'm attempting to pick up the 'pieces' again, to see how they fit; they will never fit the same again. Because, as it has been said, you are writing your 'book'; while I'm reading my 'book.' This is my life. Now! I'm dead.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

..."play it again, Sam...."

I was reading an article in the morning news paper -News-less Courier from Charleston, SC  which involved the amount of prejudice inculcated in the teachings of the Church of Latter Day Saints,  a spin-off of Mormonism. If you were not a member of the church, then you were denied access to the town's resources; such as the rights to drinking water. If you were looking for a parable to compare the situation to, look to the middle east, the difference between the Shia and the Sunni divide, where  the church is Shia and the government is Sunni. According to the article, the members of the church were very paranoid about outside governmental interference. These two towns, separated by state lines, Utah & Colorado, were "shadowed in secrecy" "like a window into the Mafia's shadowy criminal underworld. "I think it will be quite a graphic case of city government corruption at almost the fullest degree, almost to the level of complete cartel running city government." "It's going to be a rodeo" according to an observer. So! Here you are the 'Folitics' of Folly Beach, S.C. How are you going to help influence the needed confluence to self attainment. Sidebar: go back in time to the 16th century. The way in which the church was selling indulgences in Germany. Yes! If you were Noble or a shewed business man, you could buy your way into the after life; a get out of jail card; for example, you could confess to the church your future sins; those sins which you intend to carry out, even murder if you paid your fair share to the church. Therefore the government of Frederick revolted behind Martin Luther against the church of Rome. & It was the printing press and the book industry that carried the cause across the finish line. In those days the 'internet' called the 'Gutenberg' printing press. You would never have had the Protestant Reformation out of the church without the book sellers, selling the Saint James version of the bible. Henry the VIII of England supported the cause because he wanted a divorce which the church would not grant. So! Henry kicked the church out, forming his own religion as well as using the Catholic churches for his Anglican disciples. If I might say; this is what the Muslims did to the Jews in Jerusalem, took over their temples and made the mosque. They are still fighting about it in the Middle East. So here is my point, maybe: you can imagine what you could pull off if you knew that God would forgive you when judgement day came around. OR! There is no God anyway; so you had the right to dominate others without remorse because there was no need for redemption -the greatest come on in religion. Follow me, I'm your Redeemer; your pathway from here to there; yet, not like Updike said, " you can't get there from here" when looking for guidance, setting you on the path of a fantasy in the sky "like diamonds" -think the Beatles. Now, go out and buy a Raffle ticket, it's the closest thing to an indulgence on the open market today -education lottery.