Monday, August 8, 2016

...your choice...!

The town I came out of had a bank that could not lend money outside of its local range & domain. Now! Today the bank in my town has nothing in common with any specific range or domain because it can distribute its resources wherever it feels it is safe to do so. For example, in the old days of banking, before Washington was bought off by major industry, if I deposited money in the local bank then someone else from my community could leverage themselves by using my deposit, investing in the community as a whole. But! Today when I deposit that money in the bank someone from outside of my community could leverage it, leaving my community empty handed. This is why the elite 1% of the USA is controlling 99% of the wealth of the USA. It is unhealthy for the community as a whole to have such a disparity in its wealth because democracy depends upon its citizens sharing in its future; otherwise, it is going to turn in on itself, imploding to where the masses will rise and rebel. This would be primitive. Sidebar: Please allow the idea to take hold before you shun it. OK! Hillary is the local bank in the USA political community; this is your political community. She is the depository of the last 30 years in your political community. So, if you turn her into the local bank she will know how to deal with your needs, you being the elected official representing the community in Washington. Other wise, you can turn the Donald into the community's local bank; but unfortunately no one has been depositing their concerns into Donald's bank for the past 30 years. Donald does not know the "locals" because he has been everywhere else in the universe developing his wealth. Yes! He has a wealth of dollars in his bank; yet, none of it came from one of your deposits. Whereas, Hillary has a history of depositing social programs into your local bank so that you could capitalize upon it. She knows the back waters which oscillate & undulate throughout Washington. Anyway, it is said that all politics is local. Till the Bank known as Hillary and watch your garden grow.  Yes! I stole the idea from Candide, where it ends with "tending one's own garden."  The local bank is the way to go if you want the larger community to be played upon as a level playing field.