Monday, February 1, 2016

"...lily white prejudice...."

I was listening to the 'Donald', the other day, on the evening news hour. He said that "if you are being unfairly treated" that you have to fight back; so, if you are a 'felon' who is not being treated fairly, how do you fight back when there is no structure for that purpose? Yes, it is a 'labor' issue just like the one Obama signed into law the other day about equity in pay for women in the workforce.  Now! Let's set the stage this time to unfurl three ideas: expectation, interest, & knowledge. As for the 'felon', asking the 'Donald' :" I'm being mistreated on a regular basis for simply being a 'felon'; so, how do I walk away from life's debate about the 'issues' which affect me; like you walking away from the presidential debate in Iowa.  Sidebar: a play with three acts. In act one, we learn to understand that there is very little 'expectation' on the part of the 'felon' as to his/her voice being heard. Act two fails because the 'felon' loses 'interest' in being part of the integrated whole and drifts into a snow bank of lily white prejudices trampling dreams into slush. Yes! Act three also fails to support those lily white prejudices from the caucus goer's old assumptions; therefore, the 'felon's' pathway is to adjust to the male adaptive habits to survive where the confluence of hope fractures, leading toward recidivism to the system of the lily white prejudices, prison. Now! How about it, 'Donald': I say that it is a labor issue; it should be addressed as such. Therefore, The Icicle Garden is looking into forming a labor union which will help to get the felon par with the Economy's social potential to survive. If you cannot participate because of a label like 'felon' than you are denied the experiences to attain the knowledge through participating in the process, participation. There needs to be a solution like a labor union because there is no due process under the laws of those lily white prejudices.