Thursday, January 21, 2016


I never knew the basic truth. It is a 'fallacy' of logic to use the consequences of an action as evidence for the antecedent of the equivalent future action. I did not know about what was going on. It's not like, as in the song, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones has got a thing going on....; I was simply reacting to the circumstances at hand; I was never the 'star' because I only played the part as circumstances played out. Now! It could be that those old assumptions took on a life of their own when I was out & about, doing the town as they say. You Know! Like King Sisyphus's stone, my stone keeps falling back down to the bottom, grounded in those old assumptions about life. So I think about how the old king who ruled over all still ended up for as hamburger for supper's dining. Yet again, I dug in, put my nose to those old assumptions -my grinding stone. Up the hill I go, like the old king,  failing to realize that maybe what I never knew about what was going on" was based in those F***ing old assumptions. OK! YES!  Maybe it is time to discern those previously undiscerned patterns about my 'stone.' How about your 'stone'? You know, maybe you should treat it like a meal that you are going to prepare for. You touch it; you taste it; you tap it so to listen to its resiliency, freshness. You pick it up, toss it around in your senses, toying with it. Now! You take it home trickling it, twirling it, swirling it, discovering the pleasure you can get sharing it with others, each savoring in the 'haul' from life's market place. Please! Explore your options, you do not have to have 'pizza' for dinner simply because it is Wednesday night. Fuck! Pizza is only a second hand emotion off of one of those stoned old assumptions that are always getting in your way, like prejudice for a stone cooked 'pizza'. So that you can still battle the battle of the waist band on your pajamas.