Tuesday, January 12, 2016

..."play it again, Sam...."

I was reading an article in the morning news paper -News-less Courier from Charleston, SC  which involved the amount of prejudice inculcated in the teachings of the Church of Latter Day Saints,  a spin-off of Mormonism. If you were not a member of the church, then you were denied access to the town's resources; such as the rights to drinking water. If you were looking for a parable to compare the situation to, look to the middle east, the difference between the Shia and the Sunni divide, where  the church is Shia and the government is Sunni. According to the article, the members of the church were very paranoid about outside governmental interference. These two towns, separated by state lines, Utah & Colorado, were "shadowed in secrecy" "like a window into the Mafia's shadowy criminal underworld. "I think it will be quite a graphic case of city government corruption at almost the fullest degree, almost to the level of complete cartel running city government." "It's going to be a rodeo" according to an observer. So! Here you are the 'Folitics' of Folly Beach, S.C. How are you going to help influence the needed confluence to self attainment. Sidebar: go back in time to the 16th century. The way in which the church was selling indulgences in Germany. Yes! If you were Noble or a shewed business man, you could buy your way into the after life; a get out of jail card; for example, you could confess to the church your future sins; those sins which you intend to carry out, even murder if you paid your fair share to the church. Therefore the government of Frederick revolted behind Martin Luther against the church of Rome. & It was the printing press and the book industry that carried the cause across the finish line. In those days the 'internet' called the 'Gutenberg' printing press. You would never have had the Protestant Reformation out of the church without the book sellers, selling the Saint James version of the bible. Henry the VIII of England supported the cause because he wanted a divorce which the church would not grant. So! Henry kicked the church out, forming his own religion as well as using the Catholic churches for his Anglican disciples. If I might say; this is what the Muslims did to the Jews in Jerusalem, took over their temples and made the mosque. They are still fighting about it in the Middle East. So here is my point, maybe: you can imagine what you could pull off if you knew that God would forgive you when judgement day came around. OR! There is no God anyway; so you had the right to dominate others without remorse because there was no need for redemption -the greatest come on in religion. Follow me, I'm your Redeemer; your pathway from here to there; yet, not like Updike said, " you can't get there from here" when looking for guidance, setting you on the path of a fantasy in the sky "like diamonds" -think the Beatles. Now, go out and buy a Raffle ticket, it's the closest thing to an indulgence on the open market today -education lottery.