Sunday, July 20, 2014


P.S.! You are not going to believe this and that is OK. But I was told that there was a rumor going around when my Pardon was turned down that some members of the parole board did not want to grant it because of Oprah. They just knew that if they granted the pardon that Oprah would cover it on her TV show; the rumor was that no one on the Pardon Board wanted to meet Oprah under such a controversial decision, granting a pardon to an innocent person. All because it was rumor that she was coming to Charleston, SC. What can I say? Also, just before I went up for my Pardon, the board granted a pardon to Mr. Brown for his crazy antics against his wife; than he turned around and did it again. My attorney told me that the Pardon board was very leery of redemption after the "grandfather of soul" reneged on his newly granted Pardon which makes more sense than this Oprah thing. So! No one on the Parole Board wanted any more negative attention after the attention they got from granting the "grandfather of soul" his Pardon only to turn around and repeat his behavior. To me it was all about Politics because a very learned and connected friend of mine told me that the Oprah thing is only a smoke screen. She was told that my denial was political; meaning that it was denied before it was partitioned before the Pardon board. Yes! this is evidence of the judiciary colluding with others to offer services that have no way of being realized; yet, it cost me $15,000.00 in legal fees for something which was an allusion like the Rafael tickets I hustled when I a boy. You know! I'm about 12 years old; I'm working the bar rooms on Moody St.; me an my shoeshine box. I was pushing Rafael tickets for some guy who hung around the tennis courts; he lived in the boarding house across the street. Every night I would drop off the money and pick up a new batch from the church around the corner. The guys who hung out in the bars were young and ambitious, but lacked the opportunities that swept the elites into stardom; the emerging emigrants and their descendents. I would just go from bar room to bar room most days shining shoes and pushing tickets. It wasn't uptown, for sure. I needed the money and the attention that I was getting when I walked into this social cave of mostly men mating with their bottle, mug of beer. I won the Rafael at the end of the summer because that guy who hung out at the courts put my name on all of the stubs that I had so religiously turned into him
after shining shoes on Moody st. That is how I met my dog "Lucky."