Thursday, July 24, 2014

Can the "fat" lady sing?

The little lady who wants to repent just might have bitten of more than she can chew; why, because it has to do with life style; as you know, once yesterday slips by all its potential is gone. So, when you are in the "day" respect its potential affect upon your life; the life of humanity as well. Please reflect on the word, the word TIME reflecting back its essence through the mirror's reflection is EMIT; this is giving to others because it's the nature of things, living comes to mind. If you take everything off the table for your winnings, how will we get back into the game that you love so much? You have consumed the 1% so that now there is only you. "This too will pass" is one of the quotes coming off of the Jesus "quote book" during Biblical times. Religion and its followers have bitten of more than they can chew too; for, they are over weight with dogma; they are under supplied with compassion because life is in the here and now; it is not in the "la la land" of past thought. For example, you will not find a happy "la la land" or a happy home land for the people of the Middle East because life in all of its uniqueness is a fresh breath of air not the "quote book" of how someone traversed biblical times. The "quote book" and the letters from the learned of those days like the Gospel of John was because Paul could write his understanding of Jesus. And they differ in every way from the gospel of James, the first gospel in the bible; James hated Paul because James denied that Jesus was God; James was the head of the Jesus flock for the first 30 years after which he died. He also said he knew what Jesus said because he lived with Jesus; he knew because he was the brother of Jesus. That's Paul's claim that Jesus is God. Paul was a learned Roman citizen who could write.  No one who wrote any one of the four gospels of the bible ever met Jesus. So much for the Bible taking up so much of your time -in your name it is proselytizing the middle east this very moment. Are you enjoying the "theater" being presented on your TV news station every night? I believe that there is some king of a "pegging" going on over there. The US foreign policy has been wearing a "strap-on" for more that a century of "pegging" the inhabitants of the region; the 1957 revolution in Iran comes to mind. Look where that got us, a zero sum approach on ideology. Fucking A!  As they say in politics, it is not over until the fat lady sings.