Saturday, July 12, 2014

You know who!

"Yesterday, my troubles seemed so very far away; oh! I believe in yesterday" and not the "fucking" mad world of today; maybe tomorrow will take today away, "oh how I believe in yesterday." What a crock of fucking bull shit; the only real time there is is being in the moment even if you are in the middle of life's war on "thongs." Also, if you find yourself flailing around in someone else's undies man up and shut up for discretion could be the best part of valor; otherwise, you might not get the opportunity of grappling over the "thongs." So what do I mean, I'm talking about your inner voice. The character that you portray through your actions. For example,  US "think" for the Middle East created "Wasabi-ism" in the House of Saudi, its hermeneutic. This is the beginning of the meaning of "Jihad;" Jihad is a US export. The basic point to understand is that this form of Islam is very conservative; they want to be pure. This is the cold war of the Middle East: Iran is to Shia as Arabia is to Sunni.The world of Wasabi. US foreign policy coming out of WWI.  It is one of the inner voices heard in the Middle East. This is what I mean when I say get in touch with your inner voice. Remember, the Middle-East is just my metaphor to help me express my point of view. Your inner voice guides your subconscious world; this is the world where you "percolate" ideas, think. The Middle East is what it is today because of the US special interest. OK, this special interest is the problem; using my metaphor, the shit that you received from your family of origin; this is the voice that you grapple with. It does not understand your evolution, your experiences with expressing their "shit." AlQaeda and ISIS are two groups in the Middle East with very loud voices today. And yes, Both of them can be traced back to the policies of the US toward the war in Afghanistan. What did they do? The US gathered up all of the misfits from the various Middle Eastern populations and dumped them in Afghanistan to fight against the Russians; they won because they became Nationalist and unified against a common cause, Russia. US funded their efforts. When they became a "union" they attained political power. You have this "union" too, all of your misunderstandings giving birth to some prejudice. This is happening now in your brain as you read my "diatribe." You are filtering out what I'm saying because you have been programed; these programs from your youth create cognitive dissonance within you, as within the Middle East. You are haunted by your past actions; their inactions aginst prejudice. You see what I mean about Yesterday, if only the US stayed out of the Middle East and your family let you do what you wanted to do so that you could follow the word of, you know who, Frankenstein. The monster who wants to fit into those "thongs." OK how about the "chipendale dancer" hiding deep inside of you, barking to get out.