Monday, July 7, 2014

Debbie's corner

They say that there could be a link between "ganja" and schizophrenia. but they do not know which direction controls the action, the cannabis or the brain. Think about it this way: you wake up in the morning with a personality intact, and you go about your business as usual; you do this all the time, the same personality, normal. OK! When someone's brain can step in and change itself on will into another set of dynamics, personality. This process is, to some, schizophrenia by definition. The study that I read said that it could just be that the "schizo -you" is trying to get out - using "ganja" to facilitate the process of morphing away from life. Releasing your old "assumptions," their reality, taking on a new you like changing your clothes, your "personality" for a short period of time. For example, Dr. Jeckle  and Mr. Hyde. only that was cocaine, right. When I am under the influence, I always tell myself that I cannot experience anything 'today' that 'tomorrow' will have to wake up to. Tomorrow is your social body; it is there every day; the day is but a moment, where as tomorrow is for ever; you are but a day in tomorrow's life. All politics are local, all lives are social. Life is 'promiscuity's' playground and "ganja" will turn you all around. It's playful. Now! They also say that the brain starts to form its construct in its late teens to early twenties -17to 22 years old. It is between this time frame that the "schizo you" takes form. In the east, it is said, "the other times me." Also, they say that normal means a well formed identity, consistency. Meaning, if you are a "digit" be a fucking "digit" and stop putting on the dress. Now I know that sometimes "ganja" can distort your receptivity where you are susceptible to exhibiting change. You walk in as a lion; you walk out as a lioness because you believe that you are special. You are willing to be whomever you need to be to survive being special. It is not easy to lock yourself down into some constructed form that someone else chose for you. But this is what is needed to be "normal;" otherwise, the judiciary can string you out on some mental health clothesline. They can call you schizophrenic; they could say that you are a confused schizophrenic and call you schizo -typical, something like being moody. You are always eccentric to others. You know everyone always tells you that you are so unique that they never met anyone like you before; you are a Martian. Right! Hey! Just maybe I "should" open up a club and call it "the dining schizophrenics" serving up our special of the Day: "personality soup" by the cup or saucer. Yes! I'll be glad to confirm that there is a potential connection between "ganja" and the "schizo -you." All aboard the "schizo -train" to, I know you can; I know you can.