Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bottom's thong

The "bottom" of what? You may ask this question, if you first understand that the problem is that you want to be top down, controlling. Now! The solution to the problem is "bottom-up" meaning that it is driven by the needs of the individual and not the group. The group is a top down hegemonic structure; you can also say it is fascist in nature rather like the political structure in the Southern aristocratic point of view. The "position" hordes the power; you occupy the position.  So, if you are going to facilitate the situation you have to have compassion for the pieces as well as the piece being created. So, did some one commission you to create life's "work of art," or are you life's "work of art" participating in life projecting your sense of vision upon the canvas of humanity? For example, if you can walk around  wearing a thong with complete comfort, I feel that you have that right because you are the "work of art" on the beach. So, please feel free to wear your "thong" (reviled by some) around me. But, if you had not noticed the sign, it's a nude beach; clothing is optional. For example, there is a story about a king who bought invisible clothing and thereafter paraded around not realizing that his people saw his naked body. Are you that kind of a king who would walk around in a naked suit of "superstition, "prejudice. You know! It's prejudice that favors one over another, nepotism comes to mind.  Also, it never solved the problem, best person for the job under normal conditions, like going beyond the small family has been one of the most acceptable pathway toward social intercourse, enlightenment. You see, you do not want to be the top of the pile when that pile of shit is the bottom of life's pyramid. If you are on the bottom of the pile it is because you chose to be; it's your fascist side- meaning, you are lusting for a "position" so you can get recognition for your need of praise because it is your addiction. Yes! You are so special.  But, than again, maybe you "should" keep your clothes on and parade around like a commoner reading "Common Sense."