Sunday, July 13, 2014

it's gone.

Do yourself a favor: if you can put your "mind" on hold and let your "brain" function, you could accomplish what you need to accomplish to get beyond the dissonance you feel. You "could" if you wish to; as for myself, I have not been able to shake this "fucking" that I got from the state of SC. And! they want me to bend over every time I go in and out of the country, the good old USA. Yes, for the past 25 years I have been taken aside each and every time I pass through customs. It is very humiliating to have to go through their eclectic cells; they treat you as if you are toxic, each time there is a different sent of rejection because the customs people are different; they are from different points along the periphery of the USA. Over the past 2 5years I have been on all of the borders. I felt their rejection like Jesus felt his thorns. This past trip to the British, VI, I was informed by Homeland Security that it was my personal responsibility to inform them of my movements; if I did not inform them, as they were not informed this time, I will be arrested for failure to register where ever I go, which is a felony in my case. I could be back in prison and raped because, as they said to me going out of customs, "it is our custom to verify the felon as he passes through Customs." Yes, if anything happened in anyone of the bars that I went into during my travels through out the islands, I would have been picked up and held by the police because I had not registered with Homeland Security. I cannot wait to get stopped by Interpol the next time I vacation in Europe, maybe during the "running of the bulls" in Spain. Maybe my cellmate will be one of those bulls. Fucking A!  This is what I have to face every time that I want to get away and have a "beer." I have to find Customs in my "thongs;" will they kiss and tell you all how wonderfully I passed through their inspection. Or, will my undies betray my adventures? as I am out and about with the thrill of discovery.  There is one thing for sure, Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" could be printed today to describe the way that the system is treating the common man; it's classing them as felons. Welcome to the revolution my friend.