Friday, August 1, 2014


So, it is raining outside; I'm tied up in knots of my own making; well, maybe you as the generalized other had something to do with my state of disbelief. It is rather like the compost brewing in the Middle East where the members of the quagmire are festering over their image. Yes, as you know, or maybe you are not concerned with the fate of those being persecuted for believing so strongly in some ideal of faith. Anyway, my quagmire is cemented in my own cognitive dissonance; that is right; I'm confused because I have on faith to rally my thoughts around. It would be so comforting to circle the wagons against the onslaught of fear that is festering in my imagination. OK! Yes! This could just be a rainy day feeling which, like the common cold, will dissipate its affect over time. You know, it could just be all bull "shit" but of course it has to be something because it is consuming time. Where am I coming from? I'm building a "studio" which will be housed inside of a building; so first, I have to build the building in the middle of the woods because I live in the middle of the woods when I want to run away. I'm snuggled up against my neighbors spread of 5000 acres. "My roads are all country when I run away." So I have to but a team together to begin building. This should take about a month to ready the land to be built upon. Once completed, I'll have a 25X40 foot metal building bolted to the foundation and surround by a 10ft wide perimeter of gravel rock, smack in the middle of nowhere. I'm segmenting the studio by themes. For example, 1/4 of the studio will be used to distill spirits. I'll be filming in another 1/4 of the area. 1/4 will be set up as a shop with all my tools because I'm living in the middle of the woods. Besides that, the overall area of the region is wine vineyards and foot hills. I'm hopping to set up a play area for my imagination and YouTube it out to the mindless Me's. That is right! Besides putting up with my blog, I am going to video my imagination.