Friday, August 15, 2014

Marvin's "tulip"

"What is going to be with you Tom?" I do not know why he said it. This is what Marvin would say to me all the time; I was Marvin's "gentile," every one had to have one in their crowd; so, I was Marvin's; he could always say, "you see I know one," there I would be the country "mouse" visiting the city "rat." His heart was in the right place; it's his ego that I would question. Why did he have to waste his time bringing me into his world view. I was happy being the Irish dude from the suburbs. You Know! The country mouse visiting the city rat. What can I say Marvin was from the city. Yes! Marvin was a Jew from Boston, Ma. Now Boston is a great town, "little city" by the bay. I should tell you how I met Marvin, I just got out of the military service; it was 1968, March. I moved back to my mother's 4 family apartment building in Waltham, Ma. So, on the first morning of my new civilian life I woke up to Marvin pitching my mother on aluminum siding for the outside of her property. That is right; Marvin was an aluminum siding sales man; to be honest he did own the franchise for Boston and its environs. So, he had a job. I was going back to school on the G.I. Bill, Boston University to be exact. I also had a wife for a very short period of time, when she realized that I was not what she thought I was while I was in the employment of the U.S. government, living with her in Paris, France she decided to do what every young girl from her generation would do, she ran off with the first guy who came around and corner and said to her, I'll be your Sir Walter Raleigh. Now! In her case, the little prick was my brother; you know the song "he's not heavy, he's my brother"- well yes he did me the favor of a life time, he ran off with her. Anyway, back to Marvin and his neurotic ways. He once told me that when he had a girl over visiting at his apartment and he had to take a piss he would first fill the toilet bowl up with toilet tissue so that she would not hear him pissing in the bowl. Can you believe that fucking "turkey," he was wondering what was going to happen with me and all the time he is filling up his toilet bowl with tissues so that some "young thing" would not believe that he pissed out of the head of his foolish looking penis.