Sunday, August 10, 2014

the pirate! & the D.A.!

I want to tell you about two guys in prison who gave me refuge without realizing it; regardless they did me a big "favor" when there were no "favors" to be had. Yet, because of them, I could have a comfortable place to pick up my copy of the "Wall Street Journal." I needed the journal like a junkie needed his fix. It was my escape back in time so that I would have a place to engage my brain separate from the prison's ground, a place in the imaginary "icicle garden." The thing I remember about these two guys was that their cell was not filled with hate. Because many to almost all of the inmates are full of "hate" so over time their cells are downright paralyzing for the occupants; you could feel it when they invite you into their cell for a "sit down." I felt it when the system would run different inmates through my cell on a weekly basis just to fuck with me; some of those inmates were so fucking heavy with bad trauma. It is one of the reasons that I had a "mental" shift in my brain's protective zone, defensive mechanism. For me prison was a living hell. Anyway back to these two guys in prison; one was a "pirate" - drug dealer.  The other guy, well he was a defrocked  "DA" from Charleston, SC. But he did not stop me from coming into his cell each night to pick up my paper. I could sit in their cell; it almost felt centering. They were not the typical cell mates in a maximum security prison like Lieber prison in Ridgeville, SC. The "Wall Street Journal" belonged to the "pirate" in the cell; he got it to follow his stock portfolio on a daily basis. Both of these guys will be able to start over when they get released. I know that the "pirate" will be living down in the Keys of Florida. He told me that he could just lay back in his bunk and close his eyes and his lady friend would always be there waiting for him. She would be naked and tempting him to surrender his seed to her. He said that he had movies of her stored in his brain and he could pull them out at will. Lucky dude. I'm happy for the "pirate." Now, for the "DA", he was more of a stand off kind of guy, but I can tell you a story about what I heard in the breakfast line up one morning. I just picked up my plate and bowl of cereal, sitting down next to these two guys talking about the "DA" coming on to the yard and how they are going to kill him; nothing happened, but they were talking about it. Anyway, I do not believe that the DA really wanted anything to do with a "child molester" in prison. Yes! The fucking pricks of SC put me in prison as a "child molester" just so that the inmates would know that if they had to rape anyone, rape me. Just like it is on the outs side, sex offenders registry for the bulls' eye again.