Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Curiosity"...it's delicious.

When I'm in the trees, I like to observed the tree's top; each tree is different when it is no longer fighting for the sun. The tops appear like the curls on a child's head. But, when I walk into the woods the tree's trunk is where all the magic takes place. Its branches branching out fighting the adjacent tree's attempt at its options for the sun. You can see this in the way that the branches twist and turn because it's their job to keep the tree in balance. I have the "curls, twist & turns" of the tree as I meditate my way through the forest; passing on the forest's floor my thoughts drift into shared spaces. I contemplate "you" because that is my role if I want to understand "you." I think that "you" find your self through the reflective feedback from others. Because your "juice" is in distillation, fermenting its potency. Right! Who gives a flying "fuck" anyway? Yet curiosity is the delicious spice to use when engaging others mentally- especially when I'm walking through the woods alone. Still I'm living in my head; this is where you are. I'm engaging you in my mind's eye. I can do what ever I want to "you" when I am living in the privacy of my brain. But, at the same time, you are limited in what you can do to me when in the public sphere unless you are the criminal justice system fornicating with the judicial system over what the elites want as a society of liberation. Reflection- "The mirror image of the idea that liberation consists in the absence of distress is that a free society consists in the absence of injustice; thus the removal of injustice, rather than the creation of a perfect or ideal society, is the target of political action. Just as the absence of distress is a minimal condition compatible with many different kinds of human well-being..., so the absence of injustice is compatible with many different types of well-ordered community or society." The quote is from the "Opinionator" by Gary Gutting.