Thursday, August 7, 2014

Today's query.

The space in between the "cracks" is where it is at. Think about it this way: life is in between the cracks of differences that exist between us; yes, this is our arena. It is like being a "cookie crumb "for me because when I was in prison,"the icicle garden," I was a member of the "cookie crumbs." The "joint" is a place in between a "rock & a hard place." You know, the "crack" in between the spaces. Cook was his name; he was the "position;" his way counted when it came to the school house of higher learning, behind the bars, inside of the "icicle garden." I lived off of those crumbs because he held his own range and domain up against the "Dull Lyres;" these were the forces of evil within the belly of the beast. It was "them" against "us" because Cookie counted. For example, one of the female guards had it in for me because she felt that I was disrespecting her authority; for, as she saw it, I was the inmate; she was the officer in charge. But what I saw was a woman who enjoyed having smock blown up her ass hole by the "he/she" who hung out in the library which was my territory. She was the guard who sat outside of the library's door on her fat ass and talked about how wonderful her second lieutenant son was doing while all these inmates were trash. She got me fired and tried to get me suspended so that I would lose my standing keeping me in prison even longer. But Cook created a new position for me so that I would not lose my standing which allowed me to get out of the fucking joint at the most advantageous, or quickest, date. I had my sentence cut in half because I was able to work every day that I spent behind bars; the irony is that since I have been out of prison I have not been able to work because of the stigma of being shunned by the church. The church is such a fucking hypocrisy, for the church is the body of its members; how can the members of the church throw stones when their own deeds are more vile? "Ridgeville Soldiers Works" was the name of the new project for the inmates to peruse. We created little confederate soldier out of lead, then painted them in the colors of different regiments like the 54th Massachusetts, a colored unit that attacked Charleston, SC. during the war between the states and whipped up on her ass.  Now! I am hoping that this helps you fill in between the so called cracks so that you too can realize how corrupting the differences between us has become.