Sunday, August 10, 2014

Morning's "high"

The beetle is a curious metaphor for transitioning your idea. I was think about Kafka, a son of WWI, dealing with his demons, passing his journey onto you by way of the "Metamorphoses."  The inward struggle for attaining balance, placing yourself in your own room only to awake to find that you could not get out because when you awake form your slumber you where not what you were when you went to slumber; you awoke from your slumber while your form was changing into that of a "beetle." I juxtaposed it to Germany's awaking from her WWII slumber, assaulting the U.S. with the famous "beetle" bug that was so so cheap and so so affordable it put you on the side of the "Go", transportation. The same metaphor either trapped you or freed you;  The U.S. was going through "high cotton" with the " the roaring 20's." Europe was cooing out of WWI with its "soul" in question. Nietzsche said that god was dead.  That is what he thought about man's inhumanity because if god were alive than man could not commit such sin. WWII is a sweet gift that keeps on giving because Europe was at it again; they where destroying their infrastructure to such a degree that it set the U.S. economy in full swing, and its young men off to the universities with the G.I. bill in their back pocket courtesy of the U.S. government for their participation in supporting the efforts of freedom in Europe during the war. The U.S. always wins when the two sides of Europe like to clash -Germany & Great Britain. Just think about it, if my memory serves me well and it has never done it before,  I'm going to take a stab at it and just off the top of my head I am going to guess that you heard about the greatest generation and their love affair with the "beetles." Yes! It's the three B's skipping across the troubled waters of the 20th century. OK. France did have the two B's with the exquisite "BB" herself, Brigit Bardot. As for myself, I was into "MM" in "some like it hot." You know! Just think about it, a 12 year old boy wants the air grate from the train station tunnel to win over "MM's" efforts to keep her dress from rising up so as to expose her cute little undies; it does not get any hotter for a 12 year old in those good old days of my youth.