Friday, August 8, 2014

I.S.I.S is!

"Spartacus!" This is what the U.S. does not understand - a slave who revolted forming his own army that took all of Rome to take him down, the "Roman Legion." I.S.I.S is of this nature because it too is forming its idea of itself; when men form for war they form with single stupidity. Yes! The young men of WWI on both sides fought valiantly but for what "purpose." They fed off of the "terror" that they spread. Just like in a hockey or football game, it is the "slam" that counts. The more damage that you can create only attests to the depth of your conviction that God is on your side. War is a killing machine; just like in football when you are heads up on the 10 yard line. The problem with Europe it has killed millions of young men over the past 19th & 20th century on the "ten yard line" because of the game of politics. Please! Never forget, the first son gets the land; the rest get the church. It does not matter if you are secular or religious, you are both using dogma to defend your territory. It is the "ISIS" mind set; the mind set formed out of the dredges of the middle East; those who were dumped into the Afghan war against Russia; they won a "position." You, the U.S. opened up the Middle East's version of Pandora's Box. This is the "Spartacus" mind set of creating a "home land"; does it sound familiar, the Jews looking to find a home land; establishing Israel after battling for its land, its place in the Sun? Yes! There is a difference between "Zionism" and "Isis-ism." The world is into crisis management whereas during the 1940's the world was into resolution management. The difference being that it is a politically inconvenient time for ISIS to be forming; so, therefore, ISIS will fall as "Spartacus" fell. You cannot go up against the "Legions of Rome."