Friday, August 8, 2014


It is all about turning yourself inside out: It is 12:22; it's reality time. You "blank" out because of a condition called "response cost," -how long it takes you to respond to an impromptu stimulus. It has to do with time. Think about it this way: by seeing another you can see how you displace space; time has to do with how you occupy that space that you displaced. Consciousness! Being in the moment from "moment to moment" as your brain engages your mind to carry out the desired effect. For example, I was watching an interview on TV about tennis; it was said that when Jimmy corners is engaged in a tennis match, by the time that his opponents tennis ball is passing over the net, he see it as if it were a basketball. He has no "response cost" because he is in the moment of the "match." As for me, the ball gets smaller and harder to engage. O.K. I'm not a tennis player, just using it as a metaphor to help you see what I mean. What does it take for you to get engaged with life? This is your "response cost." Because by the nature of being you, you being a herd animal-  your brain is wired to engage other members of the herd. In sales, it is an effective tool to respond in the "take away style" meaning each time the expected positive response is expected you get a negative response therefore shaping the direction of the outcome. So, the sales person who says to the client, by their actions, is saying you have to proved that you are deserving before you are allowed to participate in the purchase. The other end of the spectrum is when the sales person "pukes" all over you with lots of respect to the point that your not sure if you are being seduced or canonized, most likely cannibalized. Now the reason that I'm saying what I'm saying is quite simple: once the moment goes by, it is no longer yours to use. Its inverse is holding onto the "get out of jail" card because you want immediate relief; also, the proverb which says, "and this to will pass" -accept your life. I say accept life for what it is- an jump on board and take a walk on the "board walk." And we all know that if you spell the word time backwards it is "emit" which means "give." Yes! Giving of yourself is the meaning of life, the "take away" is just growing old and dying.