Sunday, August 24, 2014


When the "mouse" takes control of spell check, I cannot stand those red lines for they challenge me so I want my "fucking" mouse back.  I cannot spell my way out of yesterday's underpants if you catch my drift. OK! It started working again! What a relief to get rid of the red lines about spelling. It is just amazing how much I can get those 26 letters messed up, out of sequence. Life could be made simple if only: Imagine that you were in a circle of 26 people, each representing one of the letters in the alphabet, each with its unique sound so that you can mix & match letter -strings into word -strings to maximize the day's journal entry. The individual is as unique or subtle as is the sounds of the letters in one's alphabet; now the differences can be tricky when you, let's say translate English to french; yet, sound is not taken into consideration lending this to contribute to misunderstandings. Now! With my mouse, I have "right click" on the mouse and the word is corrected by a tape of the "finger"; use the index figure and have fun with yourself. I do not have "right click" on people so I am still getting them wrong, how about you? That is why I ask you to get into a circle of 26 people, see if you can discern their "right click." Meanwhile, since the circle is formed check out the different sounds coming from the unique differences that each in the circle are radiating out. It has been said by those who are much brighter than I am, as long as you are in the circle listening to the sounds of others in the circle, the greater your understanding of the character and timber of those in the circle. Yes! please imagine what kind of "memoir" you could write if you took the time to participate with those in your circle of friends, allowing for their differences as you explored the many difference within yourself.  I wish people had a "right click" like my Mouse does.