Thursday, August 21, 2014

Innocence Project

I want to form a union of felons because I'm a felon without "rights;" every felon in the state of S.C. has been persecuted because of who they were, felons. Felons are the new "slave class" in the U.S.  when you cannot go before the courts because of previous behavior that had been adjudicated and resolved yet reactivated when the laws change. For example, the sex offender registry did not exist when I was sentenced and it did not come into effect until after I was released from prison. Yet, because of political corruption and judicial collusion, I have been tethered to the cross because I will not confess to a crime that I did not commit. I herd story after story while I was in prison from inmates who said that they had confessed to their crime because the "rogue" prosecutors intimidated them into confessing guilt for a lighter sentence or go to trial and end up serving life in prison instead of the bargaining down with the judge who has sway over the prosecutor. For example. I went before the Real Estate Commission looking to get my Real estate license back; so that I could work for BlueGreen a real estate company marketing the "Lodge Alley Inn" in Charleston, S.C - Otherwise known as a "job." Jinny purchase a membership in the "lodge Alley Inn" so I could use it as a free family vacation raffle for Charleston County school district. Jinny wanted to connect to the community so that she was giving back. The winning family from the school district would get to use the right to trade through out the trading system, like Disney World in Florida or wherever. So, the idea was to use the Lodge Alley Inn as as place to meet others and have the privacy of a suite for private bathroom usage for the ladies at night.  The night that they fired me was the night set for Jinny's function and therefore we had to call all the guests up and tell them that it was canceled. They did this so that they could make the guest take a tour first. They did not care that it was a research project that Jinny was doing on the subject of "transportation" and schools for children, like the "Child & Family Development Center," at  the old Charleston Naval base. This was not a BlueGreen event. This event was paid for by Jinny and BlueGreen wanted to pirate the event.   That very night the guests were going to be asked to fill out the "transportation quest" we wanted a true reaction so the guest thought they were meeting with Jinny to explore the facilities that she was offering to those who come together for a good cause. But, the true "meaning" was to come at them with a clean slate: with the question on "transportation" their data was important because  they were to be the "control" for the study.  I took the matter up in small claims court; the "judge" SAID " it does not "matter" the only thing that mattered was that he was the "Master of History" and he personally knew all of my history; do you thing you can win in my court room?" This is what the judge said to me; he did not care that I needed a license to do the job, I could go to jail if I lied to a prospect because I am supposed to have a fiduciary relationship with them. No lies! He said that the real estate commission had no value to anything. I have no "rights." I cannot get due process in the state of S.C. So, it seemed to me that if "Nothing -a group of people" can become a corporation; than the corporation becomes a person, and therefore get the right's of a person. How about the inverse? OK! So, I  become a corporation and as a corporation, I can act like a corporation can act; I can litigate the terms of these restrictions being placed on my ability to get employment. I want to get corporate rights to get my human rights under the 13th amendment of the Constitution of the U.S. I think that their is a legal precedent because a corporation by its very nature of being incorporated becomes a citizen too, with all the rights of an individual; therefore, as an individual I also "should" be able to become a corporation and as such get the rights of a corporation to litigate over labor. Also, if I were a corporation I would welcome unionization, become a union member just like Constantine did when he became a Christian, 300 AD Rome.  As a member of the "union,"  I'm asking for the evidence about the Law, not the "statute" of prejudiced because the prosecutor screamed to the jury: "he is a 'time share salesman' what chance did she have." Now the prosecutor knew that she was tampering with the jury because I sold "family vacations" and that was my history. I was fired from most of the resorts on the beach because I would not lie to the family about their vacation possibilities, for example,  I would not sell it as an investment in real estate, as in renting it out and making money. If it is a right to work state why do you need a "license" which cost money to get and carries a liability with it?  Now today, you do not need a license to sell vacation programs because the "southern elites of S.C did not want to protect the consumer they want to fleece the consumer; that is why the S.C legislature removed the licensing requirement needed to sell these programs. But, when I was involved a license was required; therefore there was a tertiary contract between the state and license holder. I'm a political prisoner who needs a way to get relief because when I went up for a Pardon it was turned down for political reasons meaning that I did not have an honest opportunity for getting the pardon; this cost $15000 reduced to $12,500 if paid in cash for something that could not happen; the state of S.C put a "sting" on me. The state of SC allowed me to think that I could get a Pardon if I did every thing legally but in fact this was not politically possible; the state is a "fucking" fraud.