Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Castration" or "Guillotined!"

You fucked up because you were not conscious when you were supposed to be or could have been due to being distracted by the turmoil of your inner mind -  this cognitive dissonance that comes alive when you are cavalierly playing with the strings of your soul. This means that you fucked up because you were not in concert with humanities' "best interests;" but your own "best interest." You do this because the Law is "lawless." You have the constitution as the "guide." For example, when the 4 Gospels of the bible were being written there was the "quote book" of Jesus. Your constitution is your "quote book." Think of it this way, the 4th gospel of John, was written with the letters of a learned Roman, Paul, who gave Jesus the status of God because Constantine  the emperor of Rome wanted to convert into being the power behind the throne of the most powerful, God. This was his conversion to Christianity. James, the brother of Jesus, did not believe this to be true, but than he could not write because he was illiterate, as was Jesus; their side of the story is not written . So Paul the "outcast" got the last word with the Gospel of John. And since that day the "elites" of power have been defining what goes into the "quote book" of governance to guide today's gospel of interpretations. Please remember there were many more gospels written; but Constantine wanted all them destroyed because like a kid he wanted his god to be all god; therefore, your god and you had to get out of town. Does this sound familiar to you because it is what ISIS is saying to its population today, convert or die just like when the movement first came out of Rome, convert or die. So, I suggest that you become conscious about your environment because on average the average individual will break the law on a daily basis and not realize that a law was broken because it was against their common sense of what a law was all about. You are in "check mate" before you move your first "rook." Let your imagination flow freely; imagine if you will the stories of the "Crusades." How the Gospel of the day governs how and when the holy lands are to be managed, never resolved because it's its privilege to proselytize. Remember Clinton, "It depends on the meaning of is, is;" ISIS is here because it is its it, it is a mindset, "the meaning of is, is." Its name is a symbol which draws out the four horse man of some trilogy flapping in one's psyche. observing the letters you can see "is" in the right eye; "is" in the left eye and as Red Skeleton said, "shed a tear and there "is" mud in your eye." Only when he said it he was referring to a grain of sand in your right and left eye; for he was the "sand man" of your dreams. Let me also say that the way of the U.S. "elites" manages its social contract with its people they should be thankful that they are citizens of the new world order,  not like most of us a citizen of the U.S.  How the hell did "you" get here from there when, as Updike said, "you can't get there from here," via the "Rabbit" trilogy. Side bar: "Rabbit" opens up with "black guys" playing the "hoops." "Rabbit" died with "black guys" playing the "hoops" and a lot of your constitutional rights have been chiseled away from your social contract with government and its white "elites." Updike was couching the white middle class's rise after the war with the "black guys" stain of yesterday's utility; the slave in transition as the concrete was stained by the labor of the old "ice house." Yes, refrigeration replaced the "ice house;" the water's stain ran down the gutter to the corner of the road where the "black guys" were shooting hoops. How does it feel watching the "black guys" shooting hoops while you wait around to get "guillotined" out of the game like the -black man- was "castrated" out with welfare.