Friday, August 8, 2014


It's raining which means to me that I'm in a drift of "shifting settings" like me in one of my dreams. The "settings" in my dreams skip across my mind as a rock skips across the water's tips. This is the stereotypical me as they say; I'm "schizophrenically" playful when I'm awake too - just "...wash that man right out of my hair and send him on his way." OK! The key to the Middle East is outflanking the "Roman Legions" like Cleopatra did. Seducing the "Legions" into the political arena - there they are vulnerable because intellect does not run along the "Y." As you know, intellect is battled out within the Xist; there it is the give and take of negotiation. Yes! I'm being playful again because the "Y's" are the boys; the X's" are the girls. So, maybe someday the Arabs just might remember that it was Mohammad's wife that saved him because it was her money that "sent him on his way." Yes! If my "memory" is correct, he started of as a poor boy just like me, maybe not like you. But it is also true that "ISIS" is the confluence of the poor boys from the Middle East like Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya; these are the "boys" that could have followed "Suleiman the Magnificent." And for sure, they are the children of the Ottoman Empire screaming out to be heard, not herded into a mass of human waste to be bantered about by the Western Powers as has been their lot over the past century. The Middle East is in need of a good dermatologist because its skin is breaking out in some very ugly boils, like the spread of "Isis." How about the African "Ebola" as a metaphor for the disease which could spread out amongst the masses as the plagues spread out in Europe during the 16th century. So the question rings out in my mind from "Meditation 17": "Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." "No man is an island unto himself...a part of the main." Think John Donne from yesteryear; wonder why there is no "boy" stepping up to be "the man" to take his place, setting the tone straight.