Tuesday, August 12, 2014

shell "game"

It does not help to hold anything back because, if you do, what you are doing is stacking the deck against yourself. You want everything on the "table" or access to it. This is how you stay connected within and balanced through out life; if only you could be your very own "worm hole" inside of your brain's internal "internet." That way you could "skip" across the WWW's as a note "skips" along the scale. Bring about your own personal "port hole" into the WWW's inner possibilities.  I just love the idea of being able to "worm hole" my "port hole." If you can suspend your disbelief, foster a more theatrical presence, you would become blessed by the natural way of its functioning. You would be integrated with what Jung referred to as archetypes: Your very own constellation of planets in the heavens representing your understanding of time in space. Probability is based upon a given fractional relationship to the whole. Holding something off of the table miscues this relationship into a false sense of understanding the situation: rightly, wrongly or some where in between. For example, when you incur a countenance so that others can follow, you will be helping to facilitation the direction being taken by others; therefore the group's harmony will ring out from its "sweet spot." You see what I mean about not taking anything off of the table? Because if you do, then life is no longer a personal journey between you and nature's offerings. Now the exception to the rule- there is always and exception to the rule-  is that others are not allowed on your table unless they have been invited because they add something to the mix. Life is full of detractors so keep your table clear of the extraneous "pack rat" tendencies which live in the recesses of your fears.