Monday, August 4, 2014


Everybody is in a turmoil over the inhumanity facing each and every one of us each and every day; yet the outrage is "quiet" because no one knows how to grieve over this inhumanity, like the Middle East. That is right, you cannot take this existential grieving into the work place because from the work place it could leach into your very own nesting arrangements. Remember Sept 11th as it came out of the East, the Taliban.  Yes! You see this is the real problem because everyone wants what you have or do not have. Why is this the way that it is? Well just maybe because they are jealous of what you are all about. I know this confuses you because you do not know what you are all about; others are jealous of your "perceived" situation being wasted on someone who does not agree with their point of view. Right! The world thinks that you are wrong because you like to play around with "sin" and than go to "confession" and be forgiven. Those who inflict the horrors of inhumanity on their perceived adversary are fighting against the demons which plague their souls which are by the way driven by their empty pockets of "sin;" For example, if they had "titty" bars in their neighborhood like I had when I was growing up; if they had the money to spend on such frivolous joys, I believe that they too would go to confession; they just do not have confession to go to. It is not the "titty" bar that they object to so much as it is the fact that their belief system does not have forgiveness, only righteousness. Now we are getting to the "nitty-gritty" of their inhumanity, because if you are here on this earth to live freely while they have to conform to the riggers of their past assumptions about what life could be like if they only allow for the differences that allow for your happiness. I say, "role a joint," or take out the Garbage.