Monday, August 4, 2014

Dump the "kid"

Good morning, world, I hope that you all had a good night's rest. Yes! You will need it if you are really going to engage with life's twist and turns. Not to be negative because life does need to be a challenge if you wish to accomplish the consequential time running through your potential. But you can, if you wish, just go to the beach and back off of the grind; that is your privilege. For me I have to battle against the system because the system is preventing me from enjoying life's opportunities. Now I also must say that as a "society" there needs to be a system which allows us to compete against each other in a fair and balanced way. Yet  the system is convoluted because of some distorted sense of God's view of how you are supposed to behave and act to truly appease the elites instead of the masses. How about the idea of identifying a problem so that you can find a solution. But no matter what you do, you create a greater problem because it serves to validate the principles that you want fostered based upon some perceived understanding that your way of living is the only way of living. Maybe this is because you believe that the true meaning of life is to be lived in some other domain other than the here and now. For example, if you were right in your understanding of how the almighty wants things done, as the masses, you would have a fair share of society's wealth, but since you do not, maybe you could throw out the baby with the bath water because just maybe the baby is the making of Dr. Frankenstein. You know how that movie worked out, don't you?