Wednesday, August 6, 2014


"Shit" in the old days was good stuff like, "Puff the Magic Dragon..." It's not the same today because the citizen of today is just one of the many in this universe of ours, or at least on this planet, Earth. The elites and their corporations are citizens of the world. Whereas, if you are from the US, that is your designation. Now the elites, their corporations no longer have any allegiance to the US because Regan allowed corporations to leave the jurisdiction of the US and take their money with them, meaning that the people of the US no longer can be assured that these corporations have their best interests in mind when choosing where they are going to invest their resources for future harvesting; it's more that US corporations will invest in Africa so that they can proselytize the Islamist away from Islam and back toward Christianity. Never forget that all politics is local; the "new world order"  believes that their future lies in the emerging economies; therefore, their investment in education is spent where they think it will best benefit their bottom line; not the bottom line of the US masses who where stupid enough to kill their right to unionize. Anyone who bought into the "right to work" bullshit is a follower of the religious right which wants to keep its congregation "barefoot and pregnant." Think about it. At one time, you were drafted into the service to socialize the work force; today, it is a tour through the prison system so as to create a new slave class of felons. Do not kid yourself, you as the "generalized other" can come from any one of the many populations dominating the surface of the earth. It's not just the good old US of A like it used to be when the American people were unionized. If you live in the US it is very unlikely that you will get the chance to compete for these new opportunities. The US universities are educating the foreign students so that they can develop the workforce from their country of origin. The manufacturing blessings that came out of WWII came about because Europe lay in ruin while the US was unscathed, therefore able to manufacture the products that the world needed to rebuild. It was the G.I. Bill & unions that built the middle class. It's the "elites" who took these opportunities away and gave you the likes of "a right to work state"...for example, SC and its socialized government and slave trading through prisons. Right! I know...shit happens.