Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why not...?

If it is true, why would you choose to give the "authority" to only 20% of the population -Shia- which then has the power over 80% of the population, Sunni. This "could" have come out of the structural mirror of the U.S., 20% elites and 80% slaves followed by the untouchable felon population. Now, if you do not do something to reach those who are more in need for intervention than you are perpetuating the symptoms which create the self fulfilling prophecy, growing up to be a felon. They're living in a tenuous environment which fosters reckless spending sending them downward into a spiraling need which is couched as the child's "profligacy." Why do you want to blame the poor for being poor when it is you who is enslaving their opportunities. Liberating the blacks of Africa through opportunities -manufacturing for US corporations; while, you enslave the blacks of America through the criminal justice system. For example, the criminal justice system processes 11 million people each year through their jails and prisons farming out felons to feed into the belly of the "beast." You do not need the cheap labor coming over the border like in the good old days - the day when cheap Mexican labor would come across the border and inter the service industry. Now your felon population is growing and they can fill the jobs that used to be for foreign labor; you know -south of the border down Mexico way. Just maybe you should think about -what if? When you gave the Shia all that authority in Iraq you split up the Middle East to such forces as ISIS which is a Sunni movement of radicals which did not exist before you stepped in and fucked up Iraq. Now your 20% Shia are only in control of the U.S. position, that is sick. Because of the U.S. intervention in the Middle East both countries, Syria & Iraq, are rupturing and in control of the Sunni radicals. So, what do you think could happen when 80% of the U.S. population is on target to becoming felons. There are so many Federal laws on the books today that a prosecutor could arrest any citizen they so chose to and create a new felon. This is the power of the "prosecutor" because they can threaten you with outlandish charges like they did to me; request a sentence of 30years, like they did with me. And like me you will lose your life because the jury system is tinted as is the jurist system of justice is corrupt. What ever!