Friday, August 15, 2014


I must tell you this because you are there to listen: I went to prison for a crime that is based on perjured testimony of two women; anyway, while I was in the joint I started to lose control; my brain started to shut down as a defensive mechanism. When I got out of prison I had 5years of probation to attend, as well as 5 years of psychological therapy. This therapy was based upon the perjured testimony of two women who I believe testified for financial gain; but I had to attend weekly meeting based upon becoming to grips with the "truth," that the perjured testimony was all in my mind's eye of "denial." By the time the 5 years were over I had attempted suicide once because the system was torturing me mentally. For example, I was deemed so far gone that my "college loans" were forgiven by the U.S. government. Yes! I got so hooked on the perversion of sexual therapy because it was force fed to me by the state of SC each day until I became "bulimic" with it. Yes! They wanted me to confess to their lies as if the "perjured" testimony were true. What fucking ass holes! Anyway that is why I am a Craigslist junky; that is right -Craigslist is my psychological therapy of the day; it's perverse when you want it to be perverse just like those 5 years that the state of SC forced me to attend. Now for the meat of the matter: my many friends on "Facebook" are much more interesting than the dilettantes perusing Craigslist, anyway. My Facebook page dishes up the most wonderful smorgasbord of goodies; my friends feed me with their distorted sense of mental masturbation. Yes! My brain is in love with this trashy side of itself.   I'm not really sure what that says about about my friends on "Facebook;" maybe it's their craziness or their sanity whichever, I am on the wave somewhere in between the two riding the winds that touch their souls as they crash along with one another. This is my caravan. This is my song: " two lost souls on the highway of life:"  "Facebook" & "Craigslist"