Monday, August 11, 2014


OK! Hear we go on the little train of "imagination"- I'm a stranger -"A stranger in the night;" I slip in beside myself,  eavesdropping in on my own conversation with others like myself who are out and about. Would "you" have understood what I wanted "you" to consider, or would "you" question the fact about my own understanding of the conversation. Did my conversation reflect that I  understood what you were talking about. I'm telling you, as the "stranger" eavesdropping in on conversations, I might come off misunderstanding what the encounter is all about. My conclusions about myself are still in the "jury room" because I know that if I allow for the differences between us and validate those differences, than a bridge can be created to span those differences allowing for a more comfortable confluence of ideas. Now! The surprising thing with me is that I communicate more easily with another stranger than I do with some acquaintance. With acquaintances, some of their differences awaken a tingling in the back of my mind's eye, as they say. For example, it seems that you have to make allowances for their unspoken mannerisms. You know - the way that they are comfortable with carrying themselves, their countenance. Yes! You could say it's all about how you displace space, your own "space." How much of your space is occupied at any given moment. Are you living in the moment, or I a "fantasy" world? Plus, according to those who profess to know and study the hermeneutics of society say that an individual might be using about 4% of self in any give moment, 4% present in the "moment" & 96% absent from any given encounter with others. So it seems to me that the key to the exercise is that I "should" listen with an open mind to foster an awareness of what "is" so  that I could attain that which can be. Remember what the "pres" said:"it depends on what the meaning of "is" is. Because! "Creativity is all about freeing your self of old assumptions. Discerning previously unseen patterns, daring to come touch, taste, tap, toy with and discover that which is ours is yet your alone." A stolen quote from the "humanities."